TEN lifts in first half of 2015


TEN has finished the first half of the ratings year with its best commercial share since 2012, and for 25 to 54s its highest commercial share since 2011.

Between 6pm – 10:30pm TEN finished the first half with a 24.6% commercial share, up from 21.8% in the same period. Seven leads with 30.1% and Nine had 36.3%.


In 25 to 54s viewers it scored 28.8% in commercial share, up from 24.4% in the corresponding period last year.

TEN’s data was based on Ratings Weeks 7 to 28* (excluding Easter) between 6pm – 10:30pm, although the industry standard is 6pm – midnight for all 5 Free to Air channels, not just commercial networks.


TEN Chief Executive Officer, Hamish McLennan, said: “Network Ten and TEN’s ratings performance has materially improved this year as a result of a clear focus on our core audience of people aged 25 to 54, and a disciplined and selective investment in content.

“TEN has increased its 25 to 54s audience in 44 of the 63 half-hours in prime time each week and recorded growth in 21 of the 22 weeks since the 2015 ratings year started.

“From the KFC Big Bash League across the 2014-15 summer to the success of TEN Eyewitness News First At Five, The Project and Family Feud and the great results for MasterChef Australia, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!, Shark Tank and many others, Network Ten has significantly outperformed its rivals in terms of growth across broadcast television, online and social media,” he said.

Chief Programming Officer, Beverley McGarvey, said the network’s success in the first half of the 2015 ratings year had been driven by a combination of established hits and successful new formats.

“In its seventh season, MasterChef Australia is showing no signs of slowing down, with its total people audience up 20% so far this year in a highly competitive environment,” she said.

“We are also seeing good results from other local series such as The Living Room, Family Feud, Have You Been Paying Attention?, Gold Coast Cops, Bondi Rescue and The Project.

“We have successfully launched three exciting new formats so far this year in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!, Shark Tank and Gogglebox Australia. Still to come in 2015 are the new formats The Great Australian Spelling Bee and The Bachelorette Australia, the highly anticipated television event Mary: The Making Of A Princess, and returning favourites such as The Bachelor Australia and TBL Families,” Ms McGarvey said.

“All those local series have been complemented by great overseas shows including NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Modern Family, Madam Secretary, CSI: Cyber, Zoo, Law & Order: SVU and The Graham Norton Show.”

Tenplay also saw its unique visitors up 14% to 14.4 million while MasterChef has the most “likes” of any Australian TV show at 1.44 million.

* Week 28 results includes Overnight not Timeshifted.


  1. I thought I watched more Ten shows than I actually do but what they have done more successfully than any other channel in my house is had us absolutely committed to watching every single episode of what we do watch live, and not rely on catch up or multichannel repeats. So they’re getting maximum value for advertising when we watch Masterchef, Shark Tank and TBL because those shows are done so brilliantly we can’t wait to see each new episode.

  2. Whether or not you like the programming slate, you have to acknowledge that a near 3% uplift in commercial share over this period is a very decent result in a very competitive market. OK, this is off the back off a relatively low base, but nonetheless it suggests real ‘green shoots’ are not only appearing but maybe even taking root.

    • TEN has definitely had some wins this year, thank goodness. I’d prefer them not to simulcast FF and Celebrity to prop up the ratings, but yes 2015 is heading in the right direction after some dire years. More green shoots please.

  3. Interesting that Ten’s Chief Programming Officer mentions IACGMOOH first out of all their new formats released but no word of it coming back. MasterChef needs to reinvigorate its format next year. We can’t see bad old Marco again, Maggie Beer’s spent too much time out of her organic preserving jar and scruffy wolf boy Shannon Bennett needs to do something to stop viewers gagging on all his scruffy hairs he likely drops in the food. The show’s been on for so long one has to ask the question, where is Gordon Ramsay? Finally, the judges. They are excellent and all male but please bring back Anna Gare.

  4. That’s great news for 10. I would like more drama on 10 though. In 2014 we had Offspring, Puberty Blues, Party Tricks, Wonderland, Secrets & Lies on our screens but this year I can only recall Wonderland? 10 make great drama and have had some great mini series in the past like ‘Bikie Wars’ for example.

    Any word on new dramas David? Apart from Princess Mary?

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