ACMA guide to Streaming


ACMA has published a rather lengthy and agnostic guide to Streaming services: Netflix, Stan, Presto and Quickflix.

It says there are almost 2 million Australians who have dipped into SVODs.

It’s a pretty thorough guide covering pricing, internet speed, buffering, HD, captioning, parental locks and more. If you’re still considering your options it’s a good starting place.

As an example, this table sets out the minimum and recommended internet download speeds according to the main SVOD providers (as at June 2015):


I would also recommend the excellent JustWatch search engine to work out which SVOD has the titles you are after.

You can check out more here.


  1. I too would recommend Just Watch. I have the app on my iphone and its really good to check the new titles added daily to Netflix, Stan and iTunes. Although they don’t always add new content daily, every 2 days usually.

    • AFAIK it’s still “being tested”, though I can’t say I’ve seen any available titles in HD. I have enough trouble getting the service to work reliably through my Chromecast, let alone worrying about quality.

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