Airdate: Dogs Make You Laugh Out Loud

Move over internet cats. Seven now has internet dogs on the way.


Yep. This week it’s internet cats.

Next week it’s internet dogs.

Seven’s makeshift schedule without Restaurant Revolution continues.

A compilation show featuring the most hilarious and outrageous dog-themed videos on the internet, including Chica the Spider Dog in her tarantula custome and Denver, the guiltiest dog in the world.

(They didn’t even manage to spell costume correctly)

Be warned Channel 5 made more than one episode.

Back in 1992 when Doug Mulray’s Naughtiest Home Videos depicted dogs and cats trying to mate with different animals Kerry Packer phoned up and ordered them to “get this shit off the air.”

23 years later we’re still serving up shit, albeit on another network on this occasion.

7:30pm Tuesday August 18 on Seven.

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  1. I remember someone here a few years ago making a comment that commercial FTA TV in Australia will soon be a cable connecting a loop of Youtube videos directly to their transmitters. Looks like their predictions were 100% correct.

    I wish they would just give up, go away and hand their broadcasting licences back so someone else we can do something useful with the spectrum.

  2. he phoned up and ordered them to “get this shit off the air.”??
    I assume you are referring to Kerry Packer…
    Shame someone at Seven is not doing the same thing..
    And why would you watch with ads…when you can watch ad nauseam on youtube…….

  3. Love that you’re calling it for what it is David. Absolute shit! What an embarrassment to channel 7 that this is the best they have to offer during Prime time in a ratings period.

  4. Given all of the promos for shows coming up on Seven are saying September means it’s going to be slim pickings during August for good viewing. I have a feeling this ain’t the bottom of the barrel either.

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