Seven teasing big September


Seven appears to be planning a resurgence in September with a string of new shows to spearhead the final quarter of the year.

While the network is struggling to topple Nine’s current run, it is teasing new shows for a major push when Nine’s run with The Voice and the Ashes has subsided.

Amongst the new shows it is teasing are The X Factor, 800 Words, Heroes Reborn, Aquarius, The Player, Quantico, The Chase and What Really Happens in Thailand. Dates for all are yet to be confirmed.

Seven also has the AFL finals around which to promote and launch new shows.

If Seven can finish the year as well as it started, the middle of the year with Restaurant Revolution won’t be quite so damaging.

It’s not a fight Nine nor TEN will take lying down, but we all win with healthy competition.


  1. If this article said greys anatomy will be fast tracked then I might be interested. None of those shows look like must see television. It all looks a bit blah.

    • Mr game show fan

      What game show/ game shows should 9 risk?

      The ideal scenario I think, would be they cut Hot Seat and return to the classic version of WWTBAM (every Monday night or something like that)
      For those people who are saying “The classic version takes too long” , I am sure that Nine would edit if needed.

      Unfortunately Nine are too busy having copies of other shows and won’t have the sense to provide a good show for once.
      The Chase will be a good show for Seven. Hopefully Seven won’t screw up the format of the show.

  2. 7 has to deal with a lot of returning and premiere shows for September especially with The X Factor and 800 words. But watch out as 9 is doing pretty well in the ratings especially The Voice, HH & Hotplate but also NRL Finals.

  3. Seven are throwing on everything they can find in the hope that something works.

    Seven has the most content to do this but most of it will be on in late September/October when people will be interested in the AFL, NRL finals and Rugby World Cup. With daylight saving and warmer evenings the TV audience will drop 10-15%. There is a risk that the audience will just ignore new shows, as happened when Nine tried this a few years ago.

  4. Aquarius is not very good, got average reviews including on this site. I found it a chore to watch. Quantico looks okay. I’m most excited for Heroes Reborn but won’t be watching it on Seven particularly after the way they treated the show in the last few seasons. The Player will bomb or go the way of the Black List

  5. The Chase Australia with tried-and-tested quiz show master O’Keefe at the helm does indeed look very strong and must be likely for a 5pm weekdays berth; this would torpedo out re-runs of O’Keefe’s last tea-time hit DOND at 5pm and the never-really firing MDM at 5.30 which seems to be slipping further against the simpler, better Millionaire HS, which is turn knocks maybe 100-150k off Seven News’ main bulletins before they’re even up and running. Interesting to see how things pan out next month if Seven do roll the dice this way – but they need to a) promote the heck out of it, and b) give it a realm chase to establish and build momentum.

  6. Can’t wait for Heroes Reborn. Aquarius is definitely worth it (though am pleasantly very surprised to see it on Seven – didn’t think it was very ‘them’) and The Chase will be worth giving a shot.

  7. Ten are hardly a threat to Seven or Nine – This is going to a be 2 horse race.

    Ten’s rehashed Masterchef fluke is done for the year and unfortunately for them audiences wont stick with with Flakey chicks and spelling contests once X Factor, some decent local and overseas drama and football finals hit the air.

    Based on upcoming American imports and the imminent arrival of another Block and that old chestnut Australia’s Got Talent, its hard to see Nine keeping up with seven for Q4

  8. I’ll be watching The X Factor and new show with David Duchovny . The Australian version of The Chase does look good as Andrew O’Keefe and Brydon Coverdale are involved from what I have heard. I am just hoping it’s not the end of Million Dollar Minute.

  9. daveinprogress

    “It’s not a fight Nine nor TEN will take lying down, but we all win with healthy competition.”

    What most struck me about your last line, was that Ten is still in the game. Great to see; considering what has occurred in recent years. For many years Nine was unassailable; then Seven toppled it and could do no wrong. Interesting to observe the twists and turns of success.

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