Bumped: The Mysteries of Laura. Airdate: World’s Most Expensive Food

So much food programming, you could be forgiven for thinking Nine was turning into SBS.


Is Nine borrowing a leaf from SBS programming?

On Tuesday it screened The Truth About Calories. Next Wednesday at 8:40pm it will air World’s Most Expensive Food -all titles which sound very similar to SBS docos such as Fat vs Sugar or Should I Eat Meat?

It wouldn’t be the first time. In May Nine ran UK series Life on the Dole after SBS hit gold with Struggle Street.

Put this down to the disappointing numbers of The Mysteries of Laura, now airing at 9:40pm next Wednesday as a single episode, with Nine pairing World’s Most Expensive Food with The Hot Plate. The UK series follows the food suppliers of Britain’s billionaires.

At least it isn’t internet cats?

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  1. Is it a sad state of TV now that the only show I have any interest for on Nine is Gilmore Girls which actually airs on GEM. Apart from The Big Bang Theory I can’t think of another show I now watch on any of Nine’s channels.

  2. How do viewers get hooked if every second day they move and shunt programs around?? This is why is viewers are downloading shows. We can’t be assured we will see a full season.

  3. No surprise about Mysteries of Laura. I watched the first two episodes last night (taped the first four) and it didn’t grab me.

    I know they know better, supposedly, but I really don’t get why the networks think launching with double episodes is a good idea. It’s a huge commitment – you’re asking the casual prime time viewer to give up two hours of their Wednesday night, I presume in an attempt to get them hooked. But in the process, you lose a bunch of people because they either don’t want to commit to the two hours, or the show is worth an hour a week to them but not two.

    Deciding to take on a new show is always a bit of a commitment – asking people to jump head first by watching two hours first-up just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

    1. So true. If only 9 knew what the viewers were thinking. I’ve watched one on catchup & ‘9jumpin’ is terrible that I haven’t tuned into the next one. It kept stopping & I know it’s not my internet cos ABC & 10 are fine.

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