1. If it had just been my choice I probably would have watched the Cat videos, however there are others in the place where I live so we watched Who Do You Think You Are? as we always find this show has excellent production qualities.

  2. To my recollection, Grant Denyer’s Family Feud announcement and Pete Everett’s firing from Ready, Steady Cook were the other two most commented stories on this site over the years?!

  3. It was a pretty quiet night for tv so its no wonder the cats show rated well when all you’ve got on the other channels is kids spelling, a cheap copy of MKR, and truck drivers doing their shifts. Pretty simple explanation people.

  4. I can’t say I am surprised. There was a strong curiosity factor. I don’t know if the dogs next week will rate.

    Also, Nice front page poll David.

  5. It’s no better or worse than Funniest Home Video’s and that show was on forever…Why is everyone getting so het up.
    If this wasn’t the replacement for Restaurant Revolution no one would care.
    And now the people who like noisy stinky annoying dogs will get their turn next week and it will probably rate even higher.

  6. This was massive from last night with the Meow from cats!
    Let’s hope that next weeks story about Dogs will have 100 comments! How interesting will that be?

    • Secret Squïrrel

      You use ‘interesting’ differently from me. Dogs won’t rate as highly as cats and the news will be a week old by then so I think that that day’s wrap will have less than half the comments of this one.

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