New Seven drama for Rebecca Gibney

Rebecca Gibney to star in action-adventure as 2 strangers intervene in a car-jacking.


Some good news for Seven today. Rebecca Gibney has a new drama series coming.

Wanted (working title), an action-adventure drama from Matchbox Pictures, has received funding from Screen Australia.

The series will be directed by Shirley Barrett (A Place to Call Home, Love Child, Offspring, House Husbands, Love Serenade), and “follows two strangers who intervene in a deadly carjacking only to be swept up in a roller coaster chase across Australia in a car full of money.”

The project is yet to be officially announced by Seven, which is soon to premiere 800 Words with former Packed to the Rafters co-star Erik Thomson.

Gibney is also an executive producer on the series, along with Tony Ayres. The greenlight will raise questions about plans for crime drama Winter, which had its series debut earlier this year, following the telemovie The Killing Field.

Seven is yet to advise of a second series.

Wanted appears to be the first drama series Matchbox has produced for Seven.

Matchbox Pictures Pty Ltd and R&R Productions Pty Ltd
Genre Action Adventure, Drama
Producers Andy Walker, Richard Bell
Executive Producers Rebecca Gibney, Tony Ayres
Director Shirley Barrett
Script Producer Timothy Hobart
Writers Timothy Hobart, John Ridley, Kirsty Fisher
Cast Rebecca Gibney
Broadcaster Seven Network
Domestic/International Sales Universal Media Studios International

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  1. It would be nice if Australia could start producing some action-adventure drama. I remember as a kid watching Australian children shows that were action adventure and it is quite odd that Australia does not make adult versions of that genre.

  2. I hear that Nine also have a new drama in the works starring Jessica Marais. Apparently it will follow two people who don’t know each other but act to prevent a fatal car heist only to be caught up in an up and down race across New Zealand in a van loaded with cash. There were a lot of crossings-out on the proposal that I saw including the words “strangers”, “roller-coaster”, and “Copyright Matchbox Pictures Pty Ltd”.

  3. Seven have Rebecca Gibney on contract so it’s basically insert “Rebecca G drama” or Erik T drama in this timeslot. This strategy will work until it doesn’t and then what will they do?
    Mercifully it’s not a YouTube cat video but it is consistent with Seven’s lack of imagination.

    1. Considering 7 has a long history of well received and much loved drama, I think you’re a little off the mark. 800 Words appears to be an original concept, and will be a nice change from the glut of reality all networks are churning out. As for the Rebecca series, Who knows? It’s probably a bit early to tell. At least it’s good to see 7 will probably still be the leader in Australian drama (aside from the ABC).

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