Returning: Last Tango in Halifax

Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi are back for season three next week on ABC.


Childhood sweethearts Celia and Alan, reunited after nearly 60 years apart, return for the third season of Last Tango in Halifax next week on ABC.

Featuring Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi, this season aired in the UK in December.

A fourth season was announced earlier this year.

This series of this acclaimed ensemble drama sees Celia (Anne Reid) and Alan’s (Derek Jacobi) marriage tested by revelations about an incident in his past. As his daughter Gillian (Nicole Walker) tries to deal with the dramas of her own complicated love life, Caroline (Sarah Lancaster) has settled into happy domesticity with pregnant partner Kate (Nina Sosanya).

But her life is thrown into turmoil by sudden and tragic events and, despite feeling angry about her mother’s absence from her wedding, Caroline needs Celia and stepdad Alan more than ever.

In episode one, the action begins on Valentine’s Day, when Gillian is enjoying a date with a handsome man from Halifax. But as the evening draws on, things aren’t quite what they seem with the charming Gary (Rupert Graves).

Alan and Celia plan a honeymoon adventure to New Zealand to visit his brother Ted, although their happiness is short-lived with the unexpected appearance of someone from Alan’s past. Caroline proposes to a heavily pregnant Kate, while her ex-husband John (Tony Gardner) turns up with bad news.

7:30pm Saturday August 15 ABC.

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  1. BBC Worldwide never entered into an exclusive deal with Foxtel (as HBO did with Showcase and Soho). They said they would continue to sell some shows on the open market (as they did under the old deal e.g. Doctor Who, Sherlock, Ripper St., Mrs Brown’s Boys etc). The rest would have first run on the BBC First and then nonexclusive rights would be available to FTA after 12 months.

    It makes sense for them not to put all their eggs in one basket and to maintain a presence on FTA competing with ITV shows. Previously they have sold first run rights to the ABC for New Tricks, Poldark, Father Brown, Line of Duty, Inspector George Gently. And when they pulled Last Tango from BBC First it look like they had sold it to the ABC too, but it didn’t appear till now (the ABC were probably waiting till viewing on Saturday night picks up in Winter and FB S3 had finished).

    1. That doesn’t make sense seeing as BBC First stole Call the Midwife and Death in Paradise off the ABC. They did report that they had exclusive rights for all new shows except for Dr Who. But I wrote on the BBC First facebook page a few months ago as Last Tango in Halifax was advertised in the Foxtel magazine listing on BBC First for April or May and it never eventuated. They replied saying ABC had the rights and the published listing was an error. I haven’t seen many new BBC series air on any other free to air channel in the last 12 months except Dr Who and Graham Norton. August 2014 was when BBC FIrst started and ABC is now starting to air series from 12 mths ago like Politicians Husband

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