Returning: Open Slather


The second block of Open Slather episodes will begin on Sunday September 6th on Comedy.

There are 10 more episodes of the sketch series, which returned to filming last week.

Prepare yourself for a no holds barred send up of pop culture, politics, sport, music and media, featuring comedic legends Magda Szubanski, Glenn Robbins and Gina Riley, plus some of Australia’s best new talent.



  1. I found maybe the first 4 eps were good and it slowly started to just not be anymore after that (a few people I spoke to agreed). It became a bit dry and I stopped watching. I think they should’ve rested it until next year or until they learn how to make you laugh. :S

  2. Season 1 Part 1 was awful, even the commercials for it were intolerable. Any show that uses the phrase “no holds barred’ is always unfunny.

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