Returning: Scorpion, Hawaii Five-0, Bondi Vet.


Scorpion returns to TEN next month, picking up from where it left off with Episode 11, at 6:30pm Sunday September 6th.

Team Scorpion is searching for The Ghost, an international ring of thieves who have an impressive track record for stealing everything from drugs to cash and jewels, with no concern for human life. During the team’s investigation, Sylvester triggers an explosive device, sending him to the local hospital’s intensive care unit. The rest of the team find it difficult to maintain their composure while their friend fights for his life. Once the team identifies the culprits, they end up in hot pursuit, chasing after The Ghost, who tries to escape on a motorcycle. Can they bring those responsible for Sylvester’s life-threatening injury to justice?

Hawaii Five-0 is also back 10:30pm Wednesday September 9.

It resumes from Season 5 E 17.

Five-O is on the hunt for two suspects involved in a diamond robbery at a jewellery store, which has left a retired cop turned security guard dead. The team follows a blood trail, which leads them to locate the female suspect. McGarrett and Danny are assigned stakeout duties at the apartment across the road from her house in the hope the second culprit will show. As McGarrett and Danny work together in a confined space, they are forced to work through their relationship issues as instructed by their therapist. Having made little progress and still arguing with each other, they have been assigned mandatory homework – the “Partners Handbook”.

Bondi Vet resumes from 6pm Saturday September 12 with S7E19.


  1. Scorpion was good early evening TV but I almost hope it flops for 10 now. I really hate how networks treat viewers with disdain. No wonder we go elsewhere.

  2. carolemorrissey

    So glad Scorpion & Hawaii Five-0 are finally coming back. Ch 10 keep yanking things off mid season. So frustrating. Love it when Danny & McGarret argue, they are hilarious.

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