Gone: SEAL Team

10 BOLD's SEAL Team has gone M.I.A.

10 BOLD has pulled SEAL Team after 4 episodes of its second season.

Last week it drew 87,000 viewers in a 9:30 Thursday slot, down from the 114,000 for Hawaii Five-0 before it.

10 will be hoping to keep as many of Hawaii Five-0 fans watching with a second episode.

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  1. Very disappointing that Seal Team season 4 stopped being shown on channel 10 after only four episodes. Austalia is now 2weeks behind USA. 10play does not show it either. Looks to be replaced by some reruns of another show. Don’t know why channel 10 puts great shows on so late at night, no wonder ratings drop. Hope Seal Team season 4 returns soon…..thank goodness for Netflix and other services. Anyone know why 10 dropped Seal Team season 4???? Is it just on hold?? Appears to still be airing in USA.

    1. I came searching for information wondering why Seal Team Ep 5 wasn’t on catch up. Then found no Seal Team at all! Bring back the old days of tv when we knew when a show was on. And it didn’t disappear mid season!
      How to view the episodes as it is still airing in the US!!! 🙁

  2. Hey David – I’m sure you noticed but Seal Team screened tonight. Am very happy about the return. Had hand written (!) a letter to Ten to note my disappointment it was taken off, but didn’t send. Am writing out a new note to say thanks for putting it back on. I did a quick survey at work when it was taken off and discovered there are a whole lot more Seal Team fans out there than perhaps Ten appreciates.

    I want to add that the death of Adam in episode 5, and the subsequent return of Jason to the team; was a significant long-arc, emotional pay-off for the audience. So many times the behaviour of the Jason Hayes character was irritating or contrary to what you’d expect from a Seal. Whether the writing team designed it that way or not – it was an emotionally rewarding moment.


      1. David – Seal Team has been pulled again, at least for tonight. (Replaced with ‘LA’s Finest.’) I’ll tune in just in case. It’s been replaying on Saturday nights, maybe they’ll move it there. Shame for tonight as I look forward to watching it all week. Cheers

          1. David, so……in defence of Channel 10….turns out they hadn’t pulled Seal Team, rather Season 2 had come to an end. Unfortunately I didn’t check an episode guide so thinking I’d missed a few episodes, purchased the boxset when it was released. (Only to discover the error of my ways.) It did demonstrate to me the additional enjoyment you can get waiting a week between episodes. Hopefully 10 will back up with Season 3. Cheers

  3. Ten just put it back on my wife and I both enjoying this series had it recorded went to play and what the lol hell there done it again what next ! no wonder people go looking else where .

  4. With the popularity of streaming services having exploded over the last few years, perhaps the Australian viewing public are well are truly over formulaic US dramas. I would be interested to know whether interest in formulaic/procedural dramas has dropped across the board with episodic dramas picking up steam via streaming or whether it is just a matter of audiences wanting to binge watch these types of shows.

    87,000 doesn’t sound too bad for a multichannel show considering that Pointless was pulling under 200k at 6pm on the main channel, and SVU routinely pulls under 200k as well. I would assume Neighbours would also be pulling similar numbers on most days seeing as it usually falls outside of the multichannel top 20.

  5. So they swap this out for a repeat of Hawaii Five-0 presumably due to poor ratings, all whilst they have buried the new season of Hawaii Five-0 on a Saturday night on the main channel rating less than this? I clearly don’t understand programming!
    Has the encore of Seal Team that was on Bold around 10.30pm Sat also disappeared?

      1. Cheers, I’d like to say that’s a good update but it really isn’t. Not sure 10 are doing themselves many favours constantly shuffling shows around and making them disappear/reappear randomly.

  6. These shows depend on publicity and star power to survive, SEAL Team’s program change is a classic example of how terrestrial FTA TV is changing business priorities which in Australia is more geared to increasing its daily advertising revenue, which is not that easy to do when broadcasting drama shows without upsetting story continuity, cheaper local content games shows and Reality TV are purposely designed for adding new advertising slots. With streaming app tech improving considerably there’s no reason for fans of U.S. drama shows to miss whole seasons, in fact they should have multi seasons available in HD.

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