“See it First on P+”

10 is adopting a fast-tracking policy for its suite of CBS procedurals on Paramount+.

EXCLUSIVE: 10 ViacomCBS is adopting a ‘See it First” strategy for its suite of CBS procedurals for Paramount+.

Shows (except CSI: Vegas) will premiere and roll out day / date with the USA. Paramount+ will be the only place to see them same day as the USA.

This includes the NCIS franchise, the FBI franchise, Bull, Evil, Seal Team, Nancy Drew, The Neighbourhood, Blue Bloods, A Million Little Things (and more to come).

But Network 10 will still fast track CBS favourites into the schedule as quickly as possible.

  • FBI S4 returns this Sunday, October 3 from 8:30pm followed by FBI: Most Wanted and FBI: International. This is to allow a crossover event to play out and resolve for viewers. FBI then continues on Sundays on 10 at 10pm while FBI: Most Wanted and FBI: International continue on P+.
  • Blue Bloods S12 returns Thursdays on 10 at 10:30pm from October 7
  • CSI: Vegas premieres on 10, Sunday October 10 at 9pm (FBI at 10pm)
  • NCIS: LA S13 returns Tuesdays on 10 at 9:30pm from October 12
  • Bull S6 returns Wednesdays on 10 at 8:30pm from October 13

Also returning to 10 in November are NCIS S19 and FBI: Most Wanted S3.

Seal Team S5 and Evil S2 will return to 10BOLD in the Summer.

NCIS: Hawaii will come to 10 in 2022, though arrangements for a special preview episode are in the works for Summer.

In addition, you can now catch CBS produced Dan Brown’s: The Lost Symbol premiering weekly on Fridays on P+.


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  1. What I don’t understand is why they’re airing repeats of NCIS & LA if they’ve got the new NCIS episodes but on Paramount+. Why not at least have both NCIS & LA new episodes starting from Oct 12 instead of asking fans to wait until November? Unless CBS has some major break coming up that they’re predicting so that’s why they’re delaying NCIS?

    Disappointed that next Sunday they will return to airing repeats of FBI after a new one over airing two new episodes. They could’ve kept Most Wanted & just put International as Paramount+ only. But I guess they like airing a new FBI basically all year round…

  2. Thanks, finally some clarity. NCIS and Bull are the only two that rate, and get repeated over and over again on 10, but NCIS’s fate after it premieres on P+ isn’t mentioned. Viacom shows I care greatly about are Evil and Seal Team. Seal Team I still have S4 to finish, and Evil will keep. I do watch some NCIS, Bull, Blue Blood and even some FBI if there’s nothing on but not fussed about when. It’s still a lot more drama than Nine or Seven are offering.

  3. If P+ had more television from the vaults of 10 I’d be interested. Prisoner, Neighbours from the start of 10s run, E Street, Richmond Hill plus first run Aussie content.
    Old CBS daytime dramas would be good too. As the World Turns and Guiding Light would be different.

    1. Neighbours, Prisoner, Richmond Hill were produced by Grundy so 10 doesn’t own them. Just as WIN/Crawford own the old 7 & 9 series such as Homicide, Division 4, The Sullivans, Solo One, Matlock Police, etc.

  4. 9:30pm in November for Bull? What will they show at 8:30? I thought I read it was starting in a week or so at 8:30/9, so out of the three episodes they were finally having a new one.

  5. Recording canceled. Great decision 10. Are CBS doing the same in America and moving it to P+ the following week? No. I know they need to make P+ more popular but this just alienates viewers.

    1. Of course not. CBS actually air their scripted shows in the same slot each week at the published time, not repeatedly pulling or rescheduling them at the last minute – and regularly starting them 15 minutes later than the publicised start time.

    2. The Good Fight and Star Trek: Discovery both aired their debut episode on CBS before moving to P+ / All Access the following week. Evil and SEAL Team will be exclusive to P+ this season in the USA. Should I continue?

  6. At least 10 has a brain unlike Chanel 7 which picks up popular shows like 9-1-1 and The Rookie and makes people wait to watch episodes months after the US it’s frustrating

    1. I don’t minding waiting. I do like getting episodes in sensible blocks though. There is an 8 episode arc at the end of S8 which ties up what’s happened for 8 seasons, and 7 are randomly airing an episode every now and there. The Rookie had an arc at the end of S3 and Seven stopped in the middle of it. Though the Rookie annoying tends to end on a cliff hanger so if they combine them with the beginning of S4 it would make some sense. Otherwise if you wait for Seven to start the next season you have forgotten what happened.

      1. That’s always been the trouble with Fast Tracking due to the US pattern of interupting airings every few weeks. The Aussie networks used to hold over shows till February, especially new shows, with fairly good reason – but of course that’s just not possible nowadays, and more about the shows being freely discussed online once they air in the US than those who stream them illegally.

  7. Oh no. They are not going to premier the FBI crossovers in the same time period on ten? I was looking forward to seeing that. I can’t justify getting 10+, when I already have so many shows to keep up with.

  8. If the FBI franchise becomes more like Greys/S19 and the Chicago universe where characters float between each show regularly, rather than just in large crossover events, then I’d prefer to watch all shows together.

    Unfortunately these network shows are such big runs and air weekly meaning a long subscription, unlike the Marvel shows on Disney which you can wait to binge and cancel in between.

  9. Wow, am I surprised that ViacomCBS/10 did this: No, not really? I’m sure that this will upset some, but if it means that the shows premier within an hour of it starting in the US east coast (not west coast) this could be great.
    Hopefully, this means that we will see the library for Paramount+ increase dramatically over the next 12 months. Next step, more first run original Australian content with monthly new Australian drama and Australian comedy. I’d be ok with a weekly realise strategy after the first 3 episodes drop like in the US for new Australian originals. Let’s hope that Paramount+ can keep growing, more competition it good for the market, if they invest in Australian first run shows.

  10. I don’t know what 10 are doing. Seal Team came back early in the year for about 4 episodes then just disappeared. They did the same with blue Bloods. Showed about 3 episodes early in the year then it disappeared & came back later in the year. Why can’t they just show a whole season of a show without breaking it up? Sooooo annoying. They’ve been showing repeats of Seal Team on Bold. Don’t know why they can’t show the new episodes. They’ve already aired in the US.

    1. Isn’t this what people have been asking for for years. It seems a sensible approach to use Paramount+ to do what torrent and file sharing sites have been doing for years – providing shows to viewers around the world as soon as they air.

      What is important is they don’t take their broadcast viewers for granted and mess them about to try and get them over to P+.

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