Seven sues Nine over copycat cooks

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Seven is suing Nine and Endemol in a copyright claim against The Hot Plate.

Tomorrow a Federal Court judge will decide if Seven has a case of copyright infringement and whether Hot Plate should be taken off air.

News Corp reports Seven will claim Hot Plate used almost identical casting, costuming, sets, music, promotion and judging processes to My Kitchen Rules.

“Channel Nine’s on-air promotions for its programme had a strange sense of deja vu. We then saw it. We believe Nine has appropriated Seven’s My Kitchen Rules original format and related production elements, and contravened copyright.  That’s why we’re in court,” a Seven spokesman told TV Tonight.

Nine maintains its format varies further in coming episodes with restaurant design elements.

Judge Scott Pickett said, “The second round of our show goes into a restaurant make over.

“I think it’s just sour grapes because Restaurant Revolution hasn’t really kicked.”

Nine kept its preview episodes close to its chest in what is understood have minimised the likelihood of Seven seeing a copy.

While Nine’s show has launched better than Seven’s, many viewers took to social media to accuse it of cloning MKR. 

Yet MKR also includes elements found in UK format Come Dine with Me where amateur cooks score one another in home dinner parties.

If the audience is right, the Endemol series does not offer enough point of difference for it to fire as a hit just yet.


  1. I have to admit it is a ripoff of MKR,just too many similarities nine knows it too,that’s why it says we a moving to a different format in the coming weeks With restaurant design elements ,Gimme a break nine ,it’s a rip off.

  2. Idol doesn’t have much of case to sue considering one of its supposed copies is the X-Factor which both shows were invented by Simon Cowell. X Factor, the Voice are different enough however to avoid any copyright infringement. The same goes with MKR.

      • And Pop Idol did sue The X Factor with a deal reached that prevented The X Factor being launched in the USA for a number of years and tying Cowell to American Idol. Of course once that deal came to an end Cowell quit Idol, launched X Factor USA and got three years out of it.

  3. Hope this case gets dismissed, the show maybe a little similar but it is different, the show will go into restaurant makeovers shortly- MKR don’t have that & I think it’s all partly RR didn’t perform. I think Hotplate is so much better anyways love the casting etc go ch 9!

    • You’re not completely alone….I am quite enjoying it as well.
      Looking forward to seeing catty Conrad and Liam get their comeuppance tonight – karma is a bitch sometimes.
      Helps that I have never seen an episode of MKR so this particular format is new to me.

  4. If the law suit results in the shine being taken off MKR and viewers seeing it for what it is, Nine would consider any settlement as money well spent.

  5. The costuming is clothes including grey suits, the setting is a dinner table and kitchen, the judging is just awarding points while looking smug (the same as every other cooking contest), the promotion is equally annoying and the casting is just narky dinner party guests. We will find out, possibly long after Hot Plate is forgotten, is a judge believes that the whole lot somehow adds up to substantial copying of an original work of art.

    The battle between HP and RR is largely irrelevant, viewers voted with their remotes for the Bachelor, and possibly Spelling Bee. Seven may be worried about damage to MKR but RR is doing as much if not more than Hot Plate.

  6. It’s a frame-for-frame rip-off. To be honest I was kind of flummoxed as to how they were allowed to get away with it. It really is an exact copy. The format is identical, but also the characters, editing, and music. And I agree the promos are also totally similar.
    The ads over the weekend for tonight’s show with their “villains” reeks of desperation to get viewers. They’re overblowing it as the meltdown of the century or something. I bet their little fingers will be editing away furiously trying to manufacture a “meltdown” from the dull footage they have.

    • 7 are completely within their rights to take action… one of the most blatant rip offs I’ve seen, and hopefully will send a message to the industry that some more original programming is much needed. Many people seem to forget that 7 had My Restaurant Rules years before other networks cottoned onto the foodie craze.

  7. Channel 10 had the original shows with Idol and Master Chef. Look at how many copies there are now. If anyone has a right to sue it should be them.

  8. “Tomorrow a Federal Court judge will decide if Seven has a case of copyright infringement and whether Hot Plate should be taken off air.” I think the lack of audience has already made that decision.

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