The Voice, Ashes score share for Nine.


The Voice has chosen its top 4 performers for next week’s Grand Final: Joe Moore, Nathan Hawes (Team Madden), Liam Maihi (Team Ricky) and Ellie Drennan (Team Jessie) -leaving Team Delta without any act to compete for the title.

At 1.27m viewers the semi-final was down on last week’s episode (1.38m), but Nine had a strong night with GEM’s Mid Year Ashes pulling 546,000 / 234,000 viewers and a 7.7% channel share.

1.12m watched Sunday Night‘s conclusion to Mike Willesee’s non-conclusive Paleo test while Dancing with the Stars dropped slightly from 736,000 to 727,000. Grand Designs was strong for ABC.

Nine network won the night with 36.1% share then Seven 26.3%, ABC 16.6%, TEN 14.8% and SBS 6.2%.

Nine News (1.32m) led for Nine then The Voice (1.27m) and 60 Minutes (747,000 in preliminary numbers). The John Farnham / Olivia Newton John special was 341,000 in preliminary figures.

Seven News was 1.28m for Seven then Sunday Night (1.12m) and Dancing with the Stars (727,000). Under the Covers special was 252,000.

Grand Designs Revisited was strong for ABC at 836,000 then ABC News (828,000), Vera (643,000) and Compass (367,000).

Gold Coast Cops (524,000) was best for TEN. Modern Family was 493,000 / 430,000, Bondi Rescue was 477,000, CSI Cyber was 412,000, TEN Eyewitness News was just 341,000 and Formula One was 188,000 in 3 cities (63,000 on ONE).

On SBS it was Uranium: Twisting the Dragon’s Tail (358,000), Angkor Rediscovered (239,000), SBS World News (205,000) and Sex and the West (157,000).

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 23 August 2015


  1. I think The Voice needs to have less Judges saves & more viewers chioces like the US version. Some of the judges choices are truly awful.
    Liam is my choice but the teen girl voters will choose Nathan or Ellie. If Liam doesn’t win I would like Joe to win.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    Ratings for the Belgium Grand Prix
    Sun 24 Aug 2014: 314,000 in SYD, MEL, BRI
    Sun 23 Aug 2015: 188,000 in SYD, MEL, BRI

    So Ten’s half-arsed “commitment” to Formula One has resulted in about half the ratings of last year but with the same amount of arse.

  3. Seven’s schedule is a collection of random TV shows wedged between self promotion (Sunday Night) and self congratulations (Under The Covers) and animal YouTube videos.

    • Yes, gone are the glory days when they had 3 hit shows including the unstoppable Desperate Housewives and Dancing With the Stars, plus the top rating news.

      But they achieved that using former 9 staff.

  4. I watched The Voice last night and was surprised that it was already finals, since it could have been auditions/battlerounds and I wouldn’t have known the difference. This years lot doesn’t appeal to me in the very least.

    • Yes, pretty uninspiring overall this year.
      Besides the wonderful Gail Paige, no standout contestants, with many being very forgettable.
      Ellie and Joe are definitely by far the best of a mediocre bunch this year.

  5. I too thought that cazz81, The Voice has certainly not had much success with any contestant once the show finished, they all seem to fall by the wayside which is a shame. Lets see what The X factor produces this year, seems quite good again from the promo’s and I do prefer this show, the Voice does not to a lot for me anyway, not keen on the judges.

    • I saw a promo of the xfactor during yesterdays afl coverage on 7. There was a guy wearing his dirty work clothes singing a song. First thought why didn’t he have a change of clothes. Second thought was some person behind the scenes at 7 told him to wear his dirty work clothes instead of something nice so they can make it about the backstory. Tired of these shows making it all about the backstory. Things like this turn off viewers.

  6. Bit sad when TEN’s 3 top rating shows for the night are all repeats with their News disappointingly under 400k.

    David – any idea what RPM rated at 2pm in the earlier timeslot?

  7. I find it interesting how every season the ratings for The Voice progressively drop, the closer it gets to the final. It’s pretty much the opposite of every other reality TV show where ratings tend to gradually rise as it reaches it’s climax. Perhaps it’s one of the reasons why the show has struggled to produce a singer who has made any impact on the charts.

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