Voice UK judge Boy George backflips on 2013 quotes dissing the same show

From "pointless vocal battles" to "thrilled and excited!" -Boy George changes his opinion when offered the big red chair.


Just two years ago Boy George dissed The Voice through social media. Now he is a judge on the UK series on BBC One.

In 2013 he tweeted, “The Voice, it’s a TV show and these pointless vocal battles are proof that it’s nothing to do with creativity or growing! It’s drama!”

The show’s official social media account replied, “Thanks for watching,” to which Boy George responded ‘Well, I am paying for it!'”

After one of his followers asked, “U didnt get asked to be a judge then?” Boy George told them, “Yeah, consider yourself judged & blocked!”

When another suggested the genuine artists were just there to try and give the show credibility, he replied, “And they all have stuff to promote!”

The comments contradicts a statement he made last week after it was announced he would be joining the show: “I’m thrilled and excited to be a coach on The Voice UK. I’m a huge fan of the show and have watched and engaged with it from series one. If I can help someone to win I will be delighted. What a wonderful opportunity to share my experiences and help someone move forward with their musical career. I can’t wait to sit in that chair!”

A spokesperson told The Sun, “This was obviously banter. George is clearly passionate about the show and won’t be holding back on his opinions when he is in the studio.”

Or even the stuff he has to promote…?

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  1. It wasn’t really criticism, so much as an accurate analysis. It’s probably improved since then, and like most people realise, despite the shallowness reality programming possesses, he found it can be compelling viewing.

    Maybe he’ll mix things up a bit. He’s the ideal fit to be a judge on it, in any case.

      1. I’m not sure on the exact date, I think it was Early February Alex Tweeted:

        “Evictions”, “Intruders” and now “secret missions” for “KFC reward” – sound familiar to anyone else? #ImACelebrityAU #bbau #originalrecipe?

        It was then deleted after he joined ITV Studios

  2. This is exactly what will make him a good judge.
    George has never exactly been afraid to contradict himself, anyway.
    If we need a new judge next year we could do worse than taking him on.

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