Ben Roberts-Smith not hired by Kerry Stokes

Seven Queensland manager sets the record straight on his rapid rise in media.


“Neil actually was the one who offered me the job,” former SAS corporal Ben Roberts-Smith has said.

Now employed as Seven Queensland general manager Roberts-Smith has told Sunshine Coast Daily it was a misconception that Seven West Media’s Kerry Stokes had got him the role.

Stokes is known for his deep personal interest in Australian war history.

But Roberts-Smith said he was the opportunity came up after he had done some consultancy work for Stokes’ machinery company WesTrac. From that, he received further consultancy work with Seven West Media, which put him in contact with Neil Mooney.

The Victoria Cross recipient also fronted Sunday Night‘s Power of Ten specials and featured in Gallipoli centenary coverage.

He was appointed general manager of Seven Queensland in July, replacing Mooney, after just 3 months as deputy general manager.

He is now based in Maroochydore.

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  1. Yes and Santa Claus is real and there’s a big fat pink pig flying past my window right now …really if that’s what a bit of “consultancy” leads to I’m Dirk Diggler. Come on really …

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