Bruce Mansfield diagnosed with prostate cancer


Veteran broadcaster Bruce Mansfield is undergoing treatment for prostate cancer.

The 3AW presenter, previously a newsreader and announcer with Channel TEN, was on holidays overseas when he developed deep vein thrombosis.

Further investigations led doctors to discover the cancer.

But doctors are optimistic the cancer was detected early for a quick recovery.

“So many people have had this and pulled through,” he told 3AW ‘s Phillip Brady and Simon Owens.

He is not expected back on air while he undergoes treatment.

Best wishes Bruce!


  1. Best wishes Bruce. A survivor beyond the 5-years marker says all will be well. Go for the surgery option. Early detection is the key factor. Regular PSA tests, a vigilant doctor, and don’t wait for symptoms. There aren’t any until it’s too late. A test for prostate cancer is not the digital examination giggled about. It’s a simple blood test. A prostate can be cancerous without being enlarged. Get those PSA tests!

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