Can A Place to Call Home recapture the magic?


Tonight fans of A Place to Call Home will hear from cast members in Foxtel’s An Audience with the Cast of a Place to Call Home.

The special features most of the cast interviewed by Simon Burke, before an audience including many of the Save A Place to Call Home campaign.

Marta Dusseldorp tells them Channel Seven printed out copies of all of their online pleas, for the series it now produces for Foxtel.

Last weekend SoHo aired the “true” ending for season two, in which new cliffhangers saw George shot -presumably by either Rene or Regina- while Anna reads a letter about the truth of Olivia and James’ son (in the original ending she burned the same letter, unread).

What is rare in Australian television of course is reviving a series that everybody had walked away from.

Is it possible to successfully revive a show after the costumes, props and vehicles have been sold off and the cast have all been released?

Having seen episode 1 of Season Three, the answer is unequivocally, yes. All cast members are back and the show looks like it has never left our screens.

That indirectly raises questions about the possibility of reviving Offspring. APTCH proves that it is possible, although it’s a very tall order. Congrats to all involved, and the fans for making it a reality.

An Audience with the Cast of a Place to Call Home airs 7:30pm tonight on SoHo.
A Place to Call Home returns 8:30pm Sunday September 27th on SoHo.


  1. I jjst hope that alternative finale is on the dvd when it comes out for people like us who dont have Foxtel I cant believe George got shot in the alternative finale. Wish I saw that one. I hope it succeeds. Its a beautifully written show with a great cast.

  2. I bet Seven are wishing they still had this in their schedule. I hope it rates well on Soho. What kind of figures would Foxtel be happy with David? I’m guessing they will be hoping for at least 250,000-300,000.

  3. Hi David, I’ve noticed Seven have been repeating APTCH on Seven Two the past few Sunday afternoons, do you know if they have any plans to show the actual re-edited ending that aired on PayTV last Sunday?

  4. The only difference between this show and Offspring is that the former was axed by its network; the latter’s network would love to renew it, but its producers have yet to venture forward. Maybe Ten doesn’t have the money to fully fund a 6th series, but not sure any network would without any top up money from a funding body. Happy to be proved wrong.

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