High drama drives Seven’s Sunday

Ratings: As X Factor turns gladiatorial, the Peter Allen drama ends on a poignant note, both winning for Seven.


It was a night of high drama on Seven, but it turned into a winner for the network.

The X Factor topped the night with 1.26m viewers, down from last week’s 1.51m viewers. The show introduced its “5 seat challenge” as judges culled groups of a dozen to just 5 remaining contenders. With the audience goaded into mass chanting, it turned the music show into a gladiatorial sport.

More poignant drama was to come in the concluding part of Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door, dealing with HIV AIDs and the legacy of a talented storyteller. It drew 1.21m viewers, down slightly on last week’s 1.33m viewers.

Despite coming second in its timeslot The Block managed to top the demos for Nine, scoring 1.04m viewers. On ABC the season premiere for Doctor Who provided an alternative at 653,000 viewers -following an earlier release via iview. Insiders also drew a big crowd for ABC yesterday morning at 322,000 viewers.

Best for TEN was TBL Families at 543,000, down from last week’s 646,000.

Seven Network won with 35.1% then Nine 26.3%, ABC 16.3%, TEN 15.8% and SBS 6.5%.

The X Factor (1.26m) topped the night for Seven. Next were Seven News (1.23m) and Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door (1.21m). A repeat of 800 Words was 305,000.

Nine News (1.19m) was best for Nine then The Block (1.04m), 60 Minutes (859,000) and The Boy Who Cut His Leg Off (369,000).

ABC News (936,000) led ABC’s night followed by Doctor Who (653,000), Vera (606,000) and Compass (393,000).

TBL Families was 543,000 on TEN. Jamie Oliver’s Sugar Rush was 437,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 369,000 and Scorpion was 363,000. Formula One was 193,000 / 188,000 in 3 cities (86,000 / 74,000 0n ONE).

Ancient Egypt’s Lost City (413,000) was best for SBS then SBS World News (205,000) and Sinatra: All or Nothing at All (168,000).

ABC2’s Peppa Pig was best on multichannels at 205,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 20 September 2015.

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  1. I actually thought Peter Allen movie would score much higher than that. There would have been a time when a new Oz TV movie with that sort of publicity and fanfare would have scored well into the three millions.

    1. F1 on Foxtel was 130k, so about half 193k + 86k = 279k; so actually pretty good given only ~30% of homes have Foxtel. Last year’s Singapore GP got 296k + 142k = 438k on 10/One so Ten have def shot themselves in the foot with their half-arsed “commitment”.

  2. Wonder if those with people meters recorded Doctor Who like I did, reading it was a two-parter I’ll be hanging off until next week so as I can watch both without waiting week to see what I guess would have been a two-part cliffhanger.

  3. 2nd part of Peter Allen not as strong as the 1st but still enjoyable, and I thought Sigrid Thornton was outstanding! Also watched X Factor (as there really was nothing else on) but thought it was terrible – over the top and fake, no more X factor for me!

  4. Could they have picked a guy who looked less like Molly? lol Might have been nice if they had’ve organised Samuel Johnson to kinda cross-over with their other mini-series.
    I felt overall that this one was pretty average, but it has to be said that Joel Jackson was exceptional. He never fell into being a caricature or impressionist. Obviously a strong talent. He’s certainly going to be a big star.

  5. Last night I watched Offisiders on iview from earlier that morning and then because there was worth watching on free to air or fetch tv, spent time going through the catch up sites and decided to give a place to call home on plus 7 a go. Never watched it cause its not my style of show and poorly promoted cause after watching a few episodes its nothing like the promotions indicated. I liked the first few episodes and will continue watching. Don’t need to worry about there being nothing to watch on free to air cause I now have something to fill tv time.

    What’s with 7 next Sunday having “to be advised” from 7pm to midnight. Do they think viewers will magically appear if less than a week out no one knows whats on?

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