Late Night hosts: guide

Where to find Colbert, Corden, Fallon, Kimmel, Noah, Oliver & more.


The landscape in Late Night hosts in the US is shifting and along with it their destination on Australian TV schedules.

Stephen Colbert is now on ELEVEN while Jimmy Kimmel, as well as Trevor Noah, are due shortly on the Comedy channel.

Most shows remain fast-tracked, with the exception of Friday (US) episodes generally airing on a Monday in Australia.

Here’s where you can now find each of them on Australian TV:

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
11:30pm Monday -Friday on ELEVEN (NB: times may vary including as early as 11pm).

The Late Late Show with James Corden
12:30am Tuesday – Saturday on ELEVEN (follows Colbert so times may vary)

The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon
10:30pm Monday – Friday E!
10:20pm Monday – Friday ABC2 (times vary, airing 24 hrs after Comedy)

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
10pm Tuesdays to Fridays from September 29 Comedy channel

Jimmy Kimmel Live
6.30pm Tuesdays to Fridays, from September 22nd Comedy channel

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
6:30pm Mondays on Comedy channel

The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore
7pm Mondays – Fridays on Comedy channel

The Grace Helbig Show
9pm Sundays on E!

Still absent from our screens: Conan, Real Time With Bill Maher, Late Night with Seth Meyers, Last Call with Carson Daly

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  1. Checked the Online guide The Daily Show and The Nightly Show is not on September 29 even if The Nightly Show would be scheduled at 10:30pm on the same day. Hope you can get a clarification if they have decided not to?.

  2. Hi David, any word on whether ‘Conan’ might come back on air in Aus any time soon? Or any advice on who I should pester to try to get it back on our screens? I remember when he disappeared from Gem it was due to some sort of contract with Warner Bros expiring… I miss my Conan!! Thanks

  3. I adore Conan and wish GO would bring him back! Fallon doesn’t do anything for me besides annoy.
    I’ve been tuning into Corden and now Colbert/Corden. Don’t mind them both, but will probably float in and out depending who the guests are.
    Bring back Conan!!

  4. I thought Jimmy Fallon was E! So I checked the fetch tv guide and Jimmy Fallon eps look pretty current. ie Donald Trump scheduled to appear in the US on Fri and the episode airs on E! at 10.30pm Monday. Is Fallon moving to comedy central cause that’s not available on fetch?

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