Muriel to the rescue…?

Networks have a fair swag of movies in primetime next week -including one that's 21 years old.


At first I was scratching my head….

Why on earth would Nine screen a 21 year old movie at 9:40pm on a Monday night?

Next week it has Muriel’s Wedding in the schedule. It had originally planned Priscilla Queen of the Desert, also from 1994, before opting for weddings over drag queens.

In primetime it does seem like an odd choice and yet another reason to turn away from Free to Air.

Presumably the scheduling is because Seven has the Brownlow Medal, while Footy Classified -which normally runs in the slot- is obviously off-air.

Seven also has plenty of movies airing next week.

In Sydney and Brissy it offers a first-run 2013 movie Now You See Me at 8:30pm while the Brownlow is on elsewhere. 2002’s Mr. Deeds is set for 9:40pm Tuesday and at 8:30pm Thursday is the 2013 film About Time.

TEN also has a repeat of 2013’s The Heat at 8:30pm next Wednesday.

At least none of them are internet cats…?

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  1. I don’t have a problem with them airing a movie, but Muriel’s Wedding was on only a couple of months ago. Surely these networks have more movies in the stable than the same old same old.

  2. Why?

    Is it just the school holidays so they don’t want to waste new or better programing. They could have aired the last year season final of TBBT if they still have the rights, when do they go to Seven?

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