Rumour: Big Brother for 2016?


Take this one with a pinch of salt, but News Corp is speculating the Big Brother may be back on Nine due to underwhelming numbers for Celebrity Apprentice.

Celebrity Apprentice hasn’t worked — it’s flat as a tack,” an unnamed source advises.

“Now Nine is thinking about reviving Big Brother for its fourth quarter schedule in 2016.”

That’s after just two episodes of the FremantleMedia show. But it’s true the show has not taken off.

Nine is understood to be disappointed with the quality of the challenges, but happier with boardroom scenes with Mark Bouris. They should be -given Bouris’s Yellowbrick Road has bankrolled a huge proportion of the show -it’s practically branded entertainment.

Recent reports that Dreamworld had shut down the house proved to be untrue. As TV Tonight reported, it was merely warehousing some of the equipment.

The house remains ready for the next time the show goes back before the cameras, while the appeal of the show lies in the amount of hours it can generate across a schedule.

Producer Alex Mavroidakis is also now hitched to I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! with ITV Studios Australia.


  1. So David, with channel nine releasing their lineup for 2016 already and with Big Brother not in it, does this possibly mean that big brother is most likely not retuning in 2016?

    • I’am basically i Big Brother Super fan. i have watched big brother since 2012 and watch bbuk and bbca basically all of the Contries big brother is in. Anyways my point is i feel like big brother was to mild these days people are not so..Like okay i just think Big Brother should come back but like give it a change make the Auditions boo.Let the housemates Swear!! Maybe have it start at 9 if you dont want kids watching it. Just pls ring it back maybe for a farewell season!!! Pls i miss it so much

  2. The problem with Apprentice is the awful casting. Watching obnoxious people isn’t car crash telly, it’s just obnoxious. And if they’re not obnoxious, they’re invisible. The only interesting aspect is the weird codependence of Gabi and Geoffrey, and that can’t carry the whole thing. Oh and watching Bouris slap down obnoxious Tim.

  3. I’ve always liked BB as a guilty pleasure but Nine’s handling hasn’t been great. They 100% need some sort of live streaming. While 24/7 would be good, even just something like up late. Nine’s handling kind of stripped the reality out of the show. The best stuff is always the drama in the house, not the bits, the challenges.. No one remembers a challenge where they have to always have someone awake on look out. It’s not funny, it’s not fun. People remember the drama and the more human stories. Lawson cheating on his girlfriend. Ben bullying Estelle. Stuff like that.

    If I was to go back to the 1st season on Nime, I can’t remember at all anything task related. You remember the people and interactions. Like that guy that tried the pathetic strategy of trying to fake a love interest with Estelle at the end in some weird attempt to play the game. People going nuts like that is…

  4. I think part of the reason Celebrity Apprentice has not rated that well is because of the endless ‘coming soon’ & promos shown then people just ignore them after awhile & the actual air date gets lost amongst it. I remember the promos but not the one that said ‘tommorrow night at 8.45’ (or whenever it was on). And like many other shows nowdays, its starting too late, it should be a 7.30 show imho.
    As for BB, totally agree they need to have 24/7 live feeds & multi channel access or don’t bother.

  5. I have no idea why Nine brought Celebrity Apprentice back. The previous session hardly set the ratings world on fire with the final episode rating just over 650k. As for Big Brother, Nine’s production was terrible. A couple of one hour episodes a week wasn’t enough to get viewers invested. Big Brother is a format that lends itself perfectly to multichannels. 1 hour episodes Monday – Thursday, 1 hour eviction Sunday night on the main channel with a live stream immediately following on a multichannel. Ten had the right idea with this for I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, with the live stream via Tenplay. Hopefully next year they use a multichannel for this rather than Ten’s digital platform. I would prefer to see Ten buy the rights and bring back the slick production.

  6. Hope is true. I’m loving the apprentice but bb will always be on top.

    2016 seems to be shaping up really well.. Returns of offspring, Janet king and now possibly bb. Can’t wait. All we need is someone to revive the time of our lives and puberty blues then all would be great.

  7. Don’t bother with it nine.

    You can’t give the viewers half decent access, and you just want to put it on to get it all rushed and off air again. Let 10 revive it if anyone.

    Even I’m a celebrity get me out of here gave us more access to them with longer shows and live streaming. If 9 isn’t going to bother with uplate/live streaming then don’t bother at all.

  8. At the end of each season they normally sell furniture and props, but this time they sold just about everything, including office furniture from the studio, Even Gretel’s Lip Lounge from the Ten era

    why would they decide to sell up and then literally 2 weeks later, suggest brining it back?

  9. Return Big Brother back to it’s original edgy format, ramp up the social media and 24/7 live streaming – maximize the supplementary channels such as GO and GEM for those that want more than the main show….it could work, but they need to go all-in with a killer cast that will not be rocked by the eviction of one or two “controversial” characters.

  10. I feel like 9 should do something different. I feel if the rattings from last year are anything to go by, BB is needs a bit of a break from our screens. Maybe in 3-5 years they should bring it back.

  11. That report sounds a little far fetched. Celeb Apprentice would not have the same expectations or disappointment as an expensive, 24/7 “tentpole” series like Big Brother. And where would be the sense in replacing Celeb Apprentice with Big Brother, which was rating virtually the same numbers last year??

    Either way, I won’t be committing to another season of Big Brother if it’s like last year’s trainwreck.

    • Just on your thought on BB vs CA rattings. Yes their numbers were near identical (maybe BB slightly higher) but BB preformed very well in the demos (I believe it was on average, in top 3 for each of the demos last year)

  12. Hint 9 – how about making some new content instead or recycling tired old formats? Then you might get people watching.

    Saying that, I’m sure Hey Hey has been floated for a return by someone.

  13. Hmmm… they’ve just sold literally everything from the house and those who collected items from there reporting it’s destined to be demolished soon.

    • As David said, this isn’t true. In any case, Nine has the rights to BB until the end of next year, and I’m sure that would have involved a contract with Dreamworld for the BB House. After all, they kept it standing for four years when no one had the rights to the show, so why would they demolish it after one year (when there is still the possibility of the show going ahead next year)? The entire house would be remodelled for another season, so it really isn’t a big deal that they’ve sold the furnishings etc. at this stage.

  14. This program is more suited to screening on Go! Instead of Nine where it could run longer with a late night edition and live into QLD during southern states daylight saving so as to boost social media interaction in its home market. As the FTA networks are learning, running more live, same day packaged live programming across both main & multi-channels gets bigger numbers.

  15. Having watched both Episodes I was totally underwhelmed with the challenges… A shipping container full of crap to sell ? The tall ships? Have they changed producers ?They must have the team from Restaurant Revoltion making the show… None of it makes sense

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