X Factor, Peter Allen miniseries kick off Super-September for Seven.

Ratings: X Factor & Peter Allen miniseries both win their timeslots. But TBL Families lands #4th in its timeslot.

TXF 2015 Judges (11)

Seven’s “Super September” is off to a cracking start, dominating viewing last night from 6pm.

The X Factor topped the night with 1.51m viewers -an improvement on the 2014 launch of 1.23m when it competed with The Voice: Kids.

Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door also drew excellent figures at 1.33m. Both shows trended on social media and helped Seven to a huge share for the evening.

Nine was unable to win any timeslots last night but The Block did remain above the magic million. Who’d’a thunk it would win the younger demos against a talent show?

But for every bumper win there must be a loser, which was the launch of TBL Families on 646,000 viewers -fourth in its timeslot and down on 2014’s January launch of 753,000. Despite dropping share on last Sunday, TEN is looking on the bright side ….it was actually up compared to the same Sunday in 2014.

Seven network dominated viewing with a 37.5% share then Nine 27.4%, ABC and TEN both on 14.7% and SBS 5.7%.

The X Factor (1.51m) topped the night for Seven then Seven News (1.38m) and Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door (1.33m). Autopsy was 372,000.

Nine News (1.28m) was best for Nine the The Block (1.04m) and 60 Minutes (738,000). Kids Behind Bars was 316,000 and AD Kingdom and Empire was 91,000.

ABC News (808,000) led for ABC followed by Grand Designs Revisited (706,000) and Vera (632,000). Compass was 245,000.

TBL Families launched to just 646,000 for TEN. The movie Captain America was 418,000, Scorpion was 371,000 and TEN Eyewitness News was 350,000.

On SBS it was Sacred Treasures: Egypt’s Darkest Secrets (247,000), Earth From Space (232,000), SBS World News (211,000), Grand Tours of Scotland (143,000).

One Day Cricket on GEM led multichannels with 325,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 13 September 2015.

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  1. Watched X Factor and Peter Allen. X Factor initial eps are still over padded and can be used as background TV. James Blunt seems to be a good addition. Loved Peter Allen – some great performances all round

  2. They should do a . Biopic on Dannii next year straight after TXF. Might sound silly but she has had a fascinating life. From being a child star to marrying a former PMs son to her surgery, Playboy pin-up, hits, her career revival through the talent shows and her alleged affair with Simon Cowell.

  3. Again a network puts all of its advertising push into its reality franchise. For weeks and weeks it has been endless X Factor promos but nary a mention of Peter Allen. As an admirer of Mr Allen (also having the pleasure to meet him briefly in the late 1980s) I would have been interested in seeing this production, but not a scrap of advertising or promotion anywhere. I am glad the show got decent ratings but networks need to realise that if their promotion fails to reach people who are actively looking for drama and other scripted content then they are doing something wrong.

  4. Super-September? Pretty late start – we’re 2 weeks in! Still, commercial networks aren’t exactly known for being on time these days. Was interested in seeing Peter Allen but was sure that it wouldn’t start on time so I binged the first half of Wayward Pines (yes, I’m catching up on stuff I missed).

  5. Kudos to Seven for commissioning premium Australian drama for Sunday night, and giving it the promotional support it needs to secure the audience it deserves. The networks may run out of “biopic” ideas but the audience is sending a clear message back to the networks – give us great Australian drama and we will vote with the remote and watch it.

  6. I watched TBL and I thought it was pretty good. Have had enough of X-Factor after last year so will be giving it a miss this year. Peter Allen was around before I was born so didn’t interest me in the slightest.

  7. Yes, Seven will be delighted with those numbers, even though we are already half-way through September!. Considering the promotion for the X Factor and being against the Block, TBL didn’t fare too badly really. If it can keep to those numbers, I’m sure Ten will be happy.

  8. Watched X Factor and think that if the talent they had last night continues it will turn out to be the most competitive series so far. The show cannot make many variations production wise, as that is the format but really like the judges and think that will bring entertainment to the show. Watched Peter Allen and think the final part will be much more full on, also thought the cast was excellent.

  9. Watched both Peter Allen and the X Factor. Thought Peter Allen was fantastic – strong cast and very well put together. However did feel that the ‘new’ X Factor was same old and very staged with no amazing performances. I don’t think it’ll hold the 1.5 for very long.

  10. With those ratings looks like we’ll be seeing more reality and biopics neither of which interest me all that much. Watched no live tv last night and it was the first sunday in months where nothing was pvr.

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