2.32m watch nail-biting NRL Grand Final

Ratings: It was high drama until the end, as the NRL Grand Final delivers a 45.2% share to Nine.


It all went down to Jonathan Thurston’s golden point but last night 2.32m viewers watched North Queensland Cowboys defeat Brisbane Broncos 17 points to 16.

It was a huge night for Nine with 909,000 watching the game in Sydney, 752,000 in Brisbane and 409,000 in Melbourne.

Adding in Regional viewers it averaged 3.67m viewers (Nine advises the metro figure will be adjusted to 2.437m).

It amassed to a whopping 45.2% share for Nine last night.

With no Sydney team in contention the Grand Final numbers were down on 2014’s 2.45m viewers, in preliminary figures.

With the NRL and a long weekend it was always going to be a difficult night elsewhere on the box. Seven ran a staggered schedule in various cities, while TEN couldn’t land a punch.

Nine network dominated with a 45.2% share then Seven 23.9%, ABC 13.8%, TEN 12.0% and SBS 5.0%.

Following the NRL Grand Final, Nine News was 1.27m viewers. Footy Show specials Highway to Happiness was 450,000 in 2 states and Ol Man Crawf was 441,000 in 3 cities.

Seven News (1.04m) was best for Seven then Sunday Night (869,000), World’s Most Extreme (433,000 in 3 cities). The movie Now You See Me was 236,000 in 3 cities. Border Security International was 173,000 in 2 cities and movie Forrest Gump was 117,000 in 2 cities.

Vera (648,000) led for ABC then ABC News (587,000), Doctor Who (428,000) and Compass (284,000).

TEN struggled all night with movie World War Z its best on 351,000. TBL Families was 324,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 323,000 and Scorpion was 325,000.

On SBS it was Ultimate Tutankhamun (283,000), The Seventies (158,000) and SBS World News (145,000).

7TWO’s Escape to the Country led multichannels with 229,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 4 October 2015.


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  1. Guys I am done with stupid arguments over which code outranked the other in grand finals. This happens every year by those who are unable to see beyond such. TV Tonight has published 5 metro city figures in rankings, and referenced Regional numbers too. Other media go beyond this and reference peaks -good luck to them. Or they fail to acknowledge the factors that impact such as the broadcast time, or the inherent problems with Regional figures. Throw in Preliminary and Timeshifted while you’re at it.

    So to ignore all these and drill down to code v code is petty at best. I remind people of this every year, and every year there are those who don’t get it.

  2. the GEM broadcast was weird. some of the broadcast was in SD and but the GF itself was in HD, I’m in a WIN viewing area, mightve been different for a 9 viewing area.

  3. 5-city metro is the standard being reported on this blog and every industry media outlet every day. The problem with including regional is the overlap in areas like SE Qld and parts of NSW. Areas like regional WA, SA are also not counted. Until there is a national system that counts the whole country evenly, we have to use the 5 city standard to measure the trends.

    1. Says who? It’s fairly obvious that there are more people in regional NSW & Qld. Not counting regional WA & SA is 3/5th’s of FA.

  4. If the AFL Grand Final was held in the evening (same as the NRL’s) their ratings would be so much higher. I would say up to 3.5m You got to remember that half of Australia is still working, shopping, at beaches shows etc. on saturday afternoons at 2.30pm. So AFL, get with the times and change this awfull time slot of 2.30pm.

    1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. There’s no reason why AFL GF cannot be held in the evening like the NRL. A wasted opportunity for Seven to win big on Saturday grand final day.

        1. Thanks for shedding some light into this. Given the amount of money Seven has invested, I don’t understand why AFL is so stubborn.

    2. The pre-match entertainment would be a lot more visual if it was at night too. They could use pyrotechnics, laser lights etc. as the NRL final does.

      1. Hear, hear. Boring posts expected on what was ‘most watched’. Add in this, subtract that, to get whatever figures that make one happy. Then there was Australia Plus across Asia-Pacific. Only the AFL this year. And NRL across PNG. Oh God, what have I started.

  5. As a non sport viewer, i watched The Biggest Loser Families; one of the better eps this season. I’ve found the participants pretty unlikable other than the Black team. Moses is emerging is the best contestant; very real and one to cheer for! But some of the previous prickly people showed hidden qualities on last night’s ep. I still think the Producers made some misfire choices this season, but liking the new host and the family format. Not sure there is much life left in this show; even if obesity and unhealthy lifestyles reign supreme in our world.

    1. Agree. Thank goodness for the black team because there’s not much to like about the others. Moses is lovely, as is his wife who I was so disappointed to see leave.

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