Airdate: Rise of the Machines

SBS premieres a new 5 part series, on elite ships, trucks, trains and aircraft.


Next Monday SBS premieres a new 5 part series, Rise of the Machines.

It takes us inside machines in close up detail, to explore what helps these elite ships, trucks, trains and aircraft rise above all other machines.

From the world’s biggest mega truck to one of the world’s fastest trains…from the world’s most advanced aircraft carrier to a revolutionary airship….from a super smart heavy lift ship to an ingenious heavy lift helicopter…. ground breaking CGI animation explodes the machines apart to uncover the extraordinary inventions hidden under their skin that enables the teams who drive, fly and sail them to be at the top of their game.

This series transforms our understanding of the machines around us.

Episode One: Super Train
This premiere episode looks at one of the world’s fastest trains – the Italo AGV – to reveal the extraordinary technology that it depends on to race 500 kilometres in less than four hours.

Monday, 12 October at 9.30pm on SBS

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  1. This sounds interesting. SBS are brilliant when it comes to documentaries of a science and engineering nature. Thanks SBS for continually offering a point of difference to the other channels.

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