Ok Australia, what TV show should we revive?

The Panel? Blue Heelers? Enough Rope? Time to tell networks what show they should bring back!


The X-Files, Twin Peaks, Absolutely Fabulous, Roots, Gilmore Girls, MacGyver, The A Team, Fantasy Island, Hart to Hart, Teletubbies, Xena -there is not shortage of remakes, reboots and revivals in the pipeline overseas.

In Australia we have rebooted Prisoner as Wentworth. The Block has been a long running revival for Nine. A Place to Call Home is back after being axed and Offspring is on the way.

But what else should networks be looking at?

Is it time to bring back The Panel? What about Talkin’ Bout Your Generation? Whatever happened to the family from Sylvania Waters? Should Andrew Denton sit down for Enough Rope once again? And could Number 96 be refreshed for a new generation?

TV Tonight wants your input into 6 genres: Drama, Comedy, Light Entertainment, Game Shows, Kids & Reality TV. You can choose 5 in each category.

Whether it is bringing back the original cast, or reimagining with new actors as a spin-off, it doesn’t matter.

… and don’t forget we already have Prisoner (as Wentworth) and a Dance Academy film coming, so they’re out!

Survey closes October 31.

You can Vote here!

45 Responses

  1. I really would like Lift Off back on TV. For a brief 18 month run from 1994 to 1996, and for 78 episodes, it was a program that was made with the same high standards as Sesame Street with wholly Australian values (ie biscuit not cookie, colour not color, no references to Halloween, Thanksgiving or any other US holiday or custom, etc) and with Australian voices and actors in it. It was axed by the Howard goverment in April 1996. Still to this day, the true reason for the shows axing is still not known and most likely will take a National Archives relese for the year 1996 to the truth to come out. The show was axed just before the internet revolution arrived. This show (if revived) would be fantastic in the internet and digital age an would be great on a tablet device like an iPad.

  2. I believe we need a show like Rove Live back somewhere where there can be long form conversations. Lately whenever an act performs on X Factor or Sunrise – they get asked 2 questions and thats it. The depth is usually what’s it like being in Australia or how are Australian fans unique…boring

  3. Let the Blood Run Free. Man, I forgot about that show. That was freaking hilarious… Never seen a show like it before or since. Funky Squad was another funny underrated show. Man that made me laugh back in the day.

    1. I believe they never showed the second series of Let the Blood Run Free on Australian television. It was popular overseas and they specifically made it for those markets. Would be great if they repeated it on One or any other multi-channel, at some stage.

  4. Letters and Numbers would be a good idea.

    I’ve been watching 8 out of 10 Cats does countdown (on youtube) where comedians from the panel show 8 of out 10 cats go on the show Countdown, it was originally just a random special episode, but it was so popular that they now do whole seasons of it. It’s really funny and a bit more accessible for us idiots who normally aren’t good enough to play along with normal Countdown.

    Anyway… an Australian version of this…

  5. I enjoyed that list. Brought back some good memories. I don’t mind some old shows being brought back if the concept is good. i know its probably too early but i wish that TEN would have just renamed the Loop back to Video Hits with the old format. The Loop is pretty much a modern version of Music Video the predecessor (hosted by Basia Bonkowski) to VH. She also hosted VH for new years eve specials. Number 96 wouldn’t really work on Network TV nowadays because the country is too conservative in certain ways. Also as SnideAsides said US did it already under a diff name.

    1. Yes I do miss Video Hits…remember finding out about Adele through that show before she was played on radio here, was great. The Loop doesn’t really show anything radio isn’t already playing unfortunately. Lucky for Sunday nights Rage, the hr before the charts throws up some newbies.

  6. Can’t believe Shirl’s Neighbourhood was left off the list. Had to write it in with an other. I know Shirl can’t come back, but I really loved Norm, Claude, Poss and co. If it can’t come back with a new series with a new name, then re-runs are fine. Heck I’d even settle for a DVD/blu-ray series of sorts.

    Also Australia really needs live entertainment TV back. It isn’t good when the only places for people to perform is things like morning tv, The X Factor and somehow being shoved into The Footy Show (there is the Project as well but that’s just quick chats) Need more stuff like Hey Hey, Rove, The Panel, etc.

    1. I totally agree about bringing Shirl’s Neighbourhood back. That show had so much imagination which is sadly lacking from the current kids shows. The show wasn’t just for kids though. My dad used to get home from work and watch it as well to laugh at Claude The Crow. In fact, let’s bring back anything with a puppet like Claude the crow, Agro or Marty The Monster.

  7. I wanted to tick Club Buggery 5 times.

    A lot of tried and tested game shows could be given a new lease on life with the right personalities. Hamish & Andy’s Wheel of Fortune? The Weakest Link with Joel Creasey? There are a lot of great young comedians who are surfacing on the ABC & Ten (ie Working Dog ‘Jr’ – Utopia/HYBPA guests) who could would be great on a Blankety Blanks style show…

    1. “There are a lot of great young comedians who are surfacing on the ABC & Ten (ie Working Dog ‘Jr’ – Utopia/HYBPA guests) who could would be great on a Blankety Blanks style show…”

      Y’know, that’s not as dumb as it might sound. Look at all the popular recent/current comedy quiz shows where the scoring is irrelevant and exists purely as a vehicle for the guests – Spicks & Specks, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, QI, HYBPA, etc.

      Throw in a couple of ‘contestants’ who’s raison d’être is to be the excuse for having a show with a panel of raconteurs, and you’re back at Blankety Blanks…

      (Though you’ll never get anything as funny as the time BB had Frankie J. Holden in a seat & everyone else quite obviously hated him…)

  8. Glad you had The Big Gig listed. A new version of that would be awesome. DAAS, Pate Biscuit and Bongo, Sergeant ‘ken Smith and Constable Constable, Empty Pockets, Addam (“with two D’s”), Shirley Purvis, etc back on TV would be amazing.

    One complaint – why isn’t Secret Valley on the list of kids’ shows? That was hands down the best TV show of the 80s.

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