Oops. Qld viewers unhappy Q&A visit wasn’t Live.


A tweet on Q & A summed it up best, last night.

Hosted by Tom Ballard in Toowoomba, the show wasn’t Live on ABC in the state in which it was filmed, due to Daylight Saving.

“#qanda being filmed live in QLD but not broadcast live in QLD. Well, I’m totally offended,” -astudentnow.

Points to ABC for acknowledging the tweet on air.

Even the final question from the Toowoomba audience noted the only way to see the show Live was to attend in person.

Not quite. It was Live on iview in Queensland, as it is around the country.


    • It’s not ” filmed” – it’s “recorded”. In this case it was “broadcast live”. But what’s the big deal, as asked? I watch Lateline on ABC and it means nothing to me that it may actually be a recording of what went to air on ABC24 and hour earlier.
      What’s so obsessive about “live” programs, and Fast Track so we can see it the same day as the USA?

  1. How about QLD just get on our time. The 10+Million of us southern states shouldn’t have to change our viewing habits to accommodate you 5 Million or so people in QLD.

    • Totally agree. I pvr everything, so live or fast tracking means nothing to me. I often wait for several episodes of a show and watch them all at once.

  2. This is often the case for live shows in Queensland, including Big Brother evictions, and Sunday NRL gamed in the first few weeks. At least ABC show it live on iview.

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