TEN denies plans for Junior MasterChef


This makes sense: TEN has confirmed it is not planning a comeback for Junior MasterChef.

“The speculation about a revival of MasterChef Junior is wrong,” a TEN spokesman says. “We have never contemplated it. It has never been considered. We are not doing it.

“We are delighted with how MasterChef Australia has performed in recent years: its audience increased 31 per cent in 2014 and another 15 per cent this year, and The Winner Announced episode is the most-watched non-sport television show of 2015.”

The reason MasterChef worked so well this year is because there were no more spin-offs and it has returned to its core values.

News Corp also reports TEN is believed to have rejected plans for more Bachelorette spin-offs.

This contradicts an earlier News Corp story reporting TEN was mulling spin-offs Bachelor Pad and Bachelor in Paradise -the latter had been under consideration for more than a year, before the network opted for Bachelorette.

TEN has previously confirmed the return of The Great Australian Spelling Bee.


  1. As a Masterchef fan since season 1, I’m very happy about this coz it’s the right decision to maintain the sheen of a great show. My partner and I never engaged with the spin-offs and look forward to the main show every year.

  2. Fingers crossed Ten aren’t just blowing smoke. Masterchef has managed the unthinkable and very successfully rebuilt what had become a tired format. Keep it exactly how it is and it will continue to do well. Ten took some risks this year with new formats ie Shark Tank, I’m A Celebrity, Gogglebox, Bachelorette and they have paid off. The Spelling Bee would do better at 6:30pm on Sunday and give I’m A Celeb a good lead in. TBL is doing much better this year than last but it needs to be put out to pasture. Ten needs to take a gamble on something to fill the fourth quarter. IMO 1st quarter, Spelling Bee, I’m A Celeb. Gogglebox 2nd quarter The Bachelorette, Masterchef, Shark Tank 3rd quarter The Bachelor, Gogglebox, 4th quarter new content.

    Now that Ten have made some headway they need to invest once again in Australian drama to fill the 830pm wilderness.

  3. Armchair Analyst

    I really did not like and thus did not watch Junior BlunderChef. the kids were just being exploited by their parents. Anyway TEN is in the right to not bring it back. They would be better off rebranding The Loop back to Video Hits and removing the hosts who don’t really ad anything anyway except eye candy. Also TEN should revive SportsTonight considering how much $ TEN have blown on failed shows from Murdoch’s and Warburton’s management SportsTonight would be affordable and would rate.

    • Are you going to handle the transition of all the primary channels to HD?
      There’s always speculation with “Junior” talent that the kids are just being exploited, but both winners have gone on to continue their food training and skills development. Worth watching out for what they do once they’re older.
      Pretty sure Video Hits is still owned by 9? Besides, The Loop now has a following.
      Agree with the comments lately that S.T should return to One as complementary programming to eyewitness news. Whether Ten see the merit in more “branded” news is a different question- I doubt they would at the present moment.

  4. I think one of the Bachelor spin-offs would be a good idea. If for no other reason, what else does Ten have for summer or certain other parts of the year where they run pretty empty.

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