The Feed: Oct 26 – 29


This week The Feed meets an “unassuming paedophile hunter”; gives you the first TV review of Sony’s new Virtual Reality headset; investigates the recent deportation of New Zealanders and sheds light on the traditional Chinese birthing tradition of confinement.

Voluntary House Arrest
Imagine not being able to go outside, shower, see anyone other than immediate family or even drink cold water for an entire month after giving birth? It’s called confinement and is practised by millions of Chinese women every year. The literal translation means “sitting the month”, and the practise is based on traditional Chinese medicine that believes women who have just given birth are susceptible to cold air. Now more and more Australian women are adopting the ancient Chinese birthing tradition, of confinement.

Paedophile Hunter
If you walked past Kathryn Ford in the street, or queued up behind her for a coffee, or saw her jogging in the park, you’d think she was just an ordinary Brisbane mum. And you’d be right – but you’d never guess that from nine to five, Kathryn Ford is paid to hunt paedophiles. As a Detective Sergeant with Task Force Argos – the Child Safety & Sexual Crime Group with the Queensland Police Service – it’s her job to pose as children online under fake social media personas, and wait for predators to make contact. Kathryn’s work on the internet as a covert operative often leads to paedophiles getting busted in the real world – The Feed finds out how it’s done.

Virtual Reality = The New Reality
The tech industry is banking on virtual reality. Facebook bought out the VR startup Oculus for $2 Billion while gaming giant Sony are getting set to release their secret Virtual Reality Gaming Headset, and The Feed have the first Australian TV hands-on review of it. Will it revolutionise online gaming the way Sony are hoping? Does it stack up against the competition? And if you’re not into gaming, fear not – we’ll show you how VR is being used to reinvent movie making and even see the New Zealand start-up using VR to create 3D skype conversations.

Deporting New Zealanders
Last December, Australia introduced tough new immigration laws, making it much more likely non-citizens will have their visas cancelled due to involvement in criminal activities. The hardest hit have been New Zealanders, many of them long term residents who have spent most of their lives in Australia. Hundreds have already been deported or detained, with more to follow. But just what is the human cost for those involved, and their families?

7:30pm Monday – Thursday on SBS.

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