Triple threat in Nine’s win on Sunday


Sunday proved to be an triple win for Nine snaring the top 3 slots for the night.

The Block scored 1.24m viewers, its best number for the season thus far. It was followed by wins from Nine News and 60 Minutes.

Sunday Night was Seven’s sole show over the magic million at 1.05m viewers.

TBL Families lifted for TEN from 536,000 last week to 598,000 last night.

But ABC’s local drama The Beautiful Lie fell to 435,000, a loss of 105,000 viewers.

US dramas Quantico and Limitless also dipped again.

Nine network won with 32.8%, then Seven 29.1%, TEN 17.1%, ABC 14.2% and SBS 6.9%.

Following The Block was Nine News and 60 Minutes (both 1.11m). Events That Changed the Noughties was 593,000. A repeat of The Verdict was 165,000.

Sunday Night (1.05m) was best for Seven then Seven News (995,000), Beach Cops (776,000) and Quantico (515,000). Castle was 339,000 / 238,000.

TBL Families led for TEN with 598,000. Scorpion was 430,000, Limitless was 393,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 274,000 in 3 markets. NCIS was 178,000. A daytime broadcast of V8 Supercars was 556,000 for the Race.

ABC News (730,000), Doctor Who (493,000) and The Beautiful Lie (435,000) comprised ABC’s night. Death in Paradise was 254,000 and Compass was 229,000.

On SBS it was Life and Death in Herculaneum (310,000), The Seventies (177,000) and SBS World News (159,000).

7mate’s movie Back to the Future III topped multichannels with 268,000.

Also worth noting that last night Family Feud was simulcast on two channels instead of three at 530,000 viewers. The number is actually higher than last Sunday’s 511,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 25 October 2015.


  1. SBS’s numbers have really grown over the last few months, wasn’t that long ago they were struggling to get a 5% market share now they are over 6% most days heading towards 7%!!

  2. I agree that it’s a beautifully made series, but it’s also a slow moving train-wreck that is very uncomfortable to watch. As November rolls on the numbers will decrease alarmingly each week – and the ABC may even feel they need to move the slot. I hope not.

  3. ABC programming has let ABC Drama down yet again. Doctor Who is not the right lead-in to the middle-class angst of The Beautiful Lie, which probably belongs on Thursday night anyway (in The Way We Live Now slot). How long does it take to master programming 101? If you want put Australian drama on a Sunday night you must identify, develop and commission “event” drama.

  4. Last night checked 2 epgs (1 of those was fetch) post 8pm and it said that Quantico was starting at 8.30pm on the dot. It didn’t start till 8.36pm. There was no reason for the 6 minute delay except for 7s need to play shenanigans with its viewers. I don’t like watching dramas that start post 8.30pm times such as 8.36pm because that extra time is like sitting though 2 extra ad breaks and there were more than enough ads during quantico. Quite frankly 7 after last nights shenanigans you can get stuffed.

    • If the networks want to keep people watching network TV instead of streaming or DVRing, they have to all agree to the junction. Every show, every channel starts 7.30, 8.30, etc like the US do to the second. Viewer frustration with schedule chasing is at its peak and turning people to other viewing methods

    • Secret Squïrrel

      Is this the the triumph of optimism over experience (like getting married for the third time)? You know this is exactly what Seven (and Nine & Ten) do and have complained about it before. I’m not sure why you’re surprised.

      The fact that you keep watching anyway simply means that they have less incentive to change their ways. I moved on ages ago and haven’t come back. I suggest that it’s time to either vote with your remote or accept it and keep watching because they aren’t listening.

      • It was a hot night in Melbourne last night so I stayed up and watched a drama post 8.30pm. That’s something I rarely do these days due to start time shenanigans and there not being much on. I don’t have a ratings box so “vote with the remote” as you put it has no impact.

        EPGs adjust for these stupid start times on the day. I’m not talking about checking 2 days before and it saying 8.30pm and expecting a show to start at 8.30pm. I’m talking about checking on the day close to the start time and having the epg tell lies. There is a difference and clearly 7 can’t even get it right on the day.

    • Watched a bit of the trailer and knew almost immediately that it didn’t appeal to me. Kind of wish it did because it was quite refreshing while watching the principal a few weeks ago to turn the tv on at 8.30pm and have the actual show start.

      • I found the Beautiful Lie was not to be my cup of tea. I do agree that it is refreshing for a drama to start on time.
        Whether it’s good or not, I think it would have been highly unlikely that a re-telling of Anna Karenina would be a rating’s winner.

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