CBS, ITV hold off on “terrorist” dramas

Supergirl, NCIS: LA and Jekyll & Hyde episodes all rescheduled due to recent news events.


International networks have withheld episodes from playing because their plots are understood to hold terrorist plotlines.

Due to events in France several have been replaced.

CBS will switch an episode of Supergirl in which Kara Danvers / Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) protects National City from a series of bombings. A replacement episode will now revolve around her relationship with her foster mother played by Helen Slater.

Hollywood Reporter notes it will also delay an NCIS: Los Angeles episode which focused on the recruitment of women for ISIS. A replacement episode will instead follow the team as they find a missing woman that LL Cool J’s character led to asylum four years ago in the U.S.

Meanwhile in the UK ITV has also held off an episode of Jekyll and Hyde. The episode contained scenes of violence involving firearms, according to the official synopsis.

An ITV spokesperson told RadioTimes.com: “Tonight’s episode of Jekyll and Hyde has been postponed in consideration of recent events in Paris.”

No changes have been announced for Homeland which continues to explore themes of terrorism, this season with Carrie (Claire Danes) based in nearby Germany.

Australian broadcasts are unaffected by the changes.

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  1. BBC First on saturday night ran an episode of Casualty which was about Muslim terrorists in the hospital shooting and taking hostages.If that same ep had’ve aired in the UK at the same time it would’ve been pulled off air.

  2. I think that it makes perfect sense to delay a movie such as “Made in France” which is set in Paris and has a plot revolving around someone infiltrating a nascent terrorist cell. I can also understand replacing episodes of TV series that might have links with France or which feature terrorism in the storyline.

    However, I do think it’s an unnecessary sop to withdraw an ep of Jekyll and Hyde simply because it contains a gunfight.

    Ten would be wise to not pull Homeland since the story is far-removed from the recent events in Paris and s5e7 is available to view in the usual places anyway.

  3. Given that a very high proportion of shows in general and spy/law enforcement shows in particular have middle Eastern terrorism as a large part of their plots, this is unavoidable=cannot be considered as ‘bad taste’ now if it wasn’t before the current Paris attack given the long string of events over the last few decades…

  4. I thought it was a bit insensitive of Seven to run promos for Quantico during their Paris special last night.

    The show itself would have been fine because it’s not really terror related at all but the promo I saw was full of explosions, buildings caving in, people running around screaming etc which was rather unfortunate straight after a very moving and emotional montage of iamges from Paris.

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