Next stop, The Greatest American Hero remake.


The remakes just keep coming from the US, with reports FOX has given a pilot production commitment to a remake of The Greatest American Hero.

The 1981 cult classic starring William Katt and Robert Culp, aired for three seasons, surrounding a schoolteacher empowered with a superhero costume but no idea how to use it.

According to Deadline the new version hails from writer-director Rick Famuyiwa (Dope) plus Phil Lord & Chris Miller, the directing duo behind the successful remake of 21 Jump Street, and television director Tawnia McKiernan, daughter of creator Stephen J. Cannell.

It’s not the first time the series has been ripe for remake, with FOX and 20th TV previously attempting a version with  writer, Rodney Rothman. Now Famuyiwa becomes writer and director with the remaining creative team.



  1. seantheaussie

    I’m with Maev….Sydney. I loved this show but the world has changed. Doesn’t mean that it can’t be remade well and I will certainly try it out.

  2. Hollywood has run out of original ideas now it seems, instead, they are doing reboots or remakes of earlier tv shows OR turning films into tv series(limitless, minority report etc).

  3. Shows you how they’re struggling for new ideas for shows with all these remakes.

    What next Bonanza,Petticoat Junction,Happy Days,Charles In Charge,Benson or Family Ties remakes ?

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