Wentworth cast lend a hand for the homeless

Wentworth is still filming but cast will find time for a good cause.


The cast of Wentworth are in the final two weeks of their shooting for Season 4 in Melbourne, but four cast members are about to beef up their workload by appearing in a benefit to aid the homeless.

Robbie Magasiva, Danielle Cormack, Nicole da Silva and Bernard Curry will all appear.

“We are there for just over a week raising money for the homeless,” said Robbie Magasiva.

“It’s called Christ Almighty! and it’s a show my partner wrote in New Zealand.

“It’s the story of Jesus but it’s rated MA15+! I play Joseph’s donkey and I think Danielle Cormack plays the Three Wise Men. Bernard Curry is paying Joseph.”

They will be joined by other actors including Anna Achia, Dougie Baldwin, Alan Brough, Byron Coll, Zoe Cramond, Julia Grace, Calen MacKenzie, Natalie Medlock, Rhys Morgan, Morgana O’Reilly, Geraldine Quinn, Cameron Rhodes, Thomas Sainsbury and Sara Wiseman.

The zany plot will feature a promiscuous archangel, a wise man with multiple personality disorder, a psychotic King, a desperate donkey, a smitten shepherd, and a dodgy innkeeper.

“If you’re too busy to give a little, come to the show and do something nice for Christmas and help the poor.”

Corner Victoria and Lygon Streets, Carlton.
Saturday 28th November to Thursday 10th December.
Bookings: Online bellaunion.com.au or 03 9650 5699

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