What about Gruen, Miss Fisher & Utopia?

Discussions still underway on some of ABC's most popular shows.


Upfronts time invariably raises questions about the shows that don’t make it onto the list of announcements.

That usually means decisions have not been finalised. TEN’s TBL Families for instance will not finish until December, so the network is yet to take stock of its season performance.

Similarly some shows on ABC have only just concluded, including Gruen and The Ex-PM.

Gruen is tipped to return in 2016 given the season did so well and it is an election year.

A decision is yet to be made on The Ex-PM but CJZ are understood to be already looking at Season 2 plans.

Utopia is understood to be returning in 2017. Working Dog already has a busy year ahead with more Have You Been Paying Attention? and Foxtel animated comedy Pacific Heat.

The future for Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is under review with star Essie Davis based in the UK with family. With so many drama renewals, it may again luck out under ABC’s stretched funding.

TV Tonight understands Dirty Laundry Live is unlikely to be renewed, but Lawrence Mooney has one of the 6 sitcoms in the Comedy Showroom pilot experiment.

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  1. Given they’ve just announced Rosehaven will be shooting early 2016 with Luke Mcgregor and Celia Paquola than means they can’t shoot Utopia ealry. I imagine if they shoot Offspring March – July or August? (ish) assuming Paquola is returning that would mean they’d have to shoot Utopia in September at the earliest. Unless she could shoot both at the same time.

  2. Don’t understand why you wouldn’t renew Dirty Laundry. It’s not for everyone, but it’s not trying to be, and must provide such a different demographic of audience to the ABC than most everything else they do. (which is a good thing)

    Bottom line – it’s funny, it has improved with every series, and is one of the very few places Aussie comedians have where they can get experience being funny on TV.


  3. Ditto with what others have said about Dirty Laundry Live. It was the only show worth watching on a Thursday night. And live. It was a great little gem of a show, and the chemistry between the host and all the semi-regular guests were great.

    Surely there is some room left for the shows return in some capacity.

  4. Ditto all previous comments re: Dirty Laundry Live. The ratings weren’t outstanding but it was the only thing worth watching on a Thursday and one of the few shows that we don’t timeshift.

  5. No Dirty Laundry Live!?!! Please say it isn’t so..! Definitely one of the best and most entertaining panel shows on the ABC of late. Who’s going to tell me “it’s 9:dirty” on Thursdays now!?

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