X Factor down on 2014, but still tops Tuesday.

Ratings: 1.2m viewers watch as Cyrus Villanueva wins the 2015 title, while Hitting Home offers a confronting alternative.


The announcement of Cyrus Villanueva as X Factor winner was TV’s top rated show last night at 1.2m viewers, helping Seven to win the night.

But there was no escaping the drop from last year’s 1.55m viewers and another loss in the Demos to The Block.

Elsewhere last night ABC’s confronting doco Hitting Home drew 694,000 viewers -a good result given its topic may have been a deterrent.

SBS sank even lower last night, while The Project was best for TEN.

Seven network won with 30.6%, Nine 27.9%, TEN 20.1%, ABC 17.6% and SBS 3.8%.

The X Factor (1.2m / 1.05m) topped the night for Seven then Seven News (950,000 / 904,000), Home and Away (741,000), The Chase (547,000 / 382,000) and Katy Perry: Prismatic World Tour Live (391,000).

Nine News (964,000 / 954,000) led for Nine followed by The Block (960,000), ACA (950,000), and Big Bang Theory (702,000 / 507,000). Hoges: One Night Only repeat(!) was 319,000.

The Project 633,000 / 472,000 was best on TEN. TBL Families was 583,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 524,000, NCIS was 368,000 and NCIS: LA was 324,000.

ABC News (788,000), Catalyst (738,000), 7:30 (697,000), Hitting Home (694,000) and Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home (344,000) comprised ABC.

On SBS it was British Gardens in Time (169,000), Insight (164,000), SBS World News (92,000) and Dateline (90,000).

ELEVEN’s movie Thor topped multichannels with 273,000.

The Morning Show: 161,000 / 116,000
Mornings: 126,000 / 91,000
Studio 10: 64,000 / 36,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 24 November 2015

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  1. Domestic violence has been an issue since the Feminists made is so in the 1970s. It’s regularly reported in the papers and is a standard of procedural police shows. A targeted media campaign is giving more attention than child abuse, as the ratings show it topic of the moment.

    1. I’m unclear as to what you’re saying here. Are you claiming that domestic violence against women didn’t exist prior to 1970 or that it existed but wasn’t a problem until the feminists made it so? This is exactly the sort of thinking that needs to change.

      Perhaps the reason that it is regularly reported in the papers and is a standard of procedural police shows is because it is so prevalent within the community.

      You then mention the recent media campaign and casually throw in child abuse, with the implication that we should be concerned about the latter and therefore not the former. People almost universally find child abuse to be abhorrent but there are many in the community who seem to feel that female victims of domestic violence are to blame for their predicament.

      You’re comment is an example of why the campaign is justified.

      1. Or since men began emotionally abusing and psychologically controlling women….or since women started hitting men, or kids started hitting parents. Domestic violence comes in many forms.

  2. Hitting Home was superb and a showcase of how good Aussie TV can be. Interestingly it was the top trending topic on twitter, with more tweets than the X-Factor and The Block. To me that shows a highly engaged audience and demonstrates the power a TV show can have to spark debate on important issues. Well done the ABC for commissioning this and well done to the brave women who shared their stories.

  3. I did not watch it & basically over all of these sort of shows. Having said that l feel most of these shows run over time, play out to long with lots of fuzzy in between and the public interest is dropping as a result.

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