New channels up and rating for Nine and SBS


First ratings figures are in for TV’s newest multichannels.

Nine’s Life channel drew a 2.3% share on Sunday -much better than GEM’s 1.2% for the same day.

SBS channel Food Network, which hsd been on air a week longer, pulled 1.3% on Sunday. That helped lift its network audience to 8.1%.

Similarly Nine’s audience rose to 36.4%. If it can do similarly every night it would make things tougher for Seven to top the ratings, and would likely lift their share of the ad market too.

Yesterday The Australian speculated Seven was mulling another channel, either in lifestyle or food,for January. TEN will also need to rethink its offering if their rivals have an extra channel. Might be time to draw on the library of new shareholder Foxtel and screen some archival content.


  1. I’d like to see another 7Two run repeats of Blue Heelers as well as past locally produced shows. That way we could have a huge variety of shows on one channel.
    Not only that but also put repeats of OC and Laguna Beach on 11.

  2. I would like to see a ‘Classics’ sort of channel, like a mixture of old movies, crime shows and sitcoms from back in the day. I liked it when 7two used to play shows like Step By Step, Alf, Perfect Strangers, Full House, Growing Pains and others during the day. they could do a TGIF Friday lineup or spread them out on weeknights with other shows like Family Matters, Home Improvement and such. channel 7 could easily do this, they already have Seinfeld. just have a block of 80s/90s comedies from 6-8:30 weeknights and movies from 8:30 and have old crime shows afterwards or something.

    it could be called 7classics or 7retro. wish this dream could come true!

    • don’t we already have a kids channel, ABC 3? so we have now a food channel, kids channel, news channel, reality channel.

      GO is pretty much a movie channel, they even air movies other channels already have. how many docos are there to fill 24 hour programming 7 days a week to justify a new channel for them? 11 is kinda like a Fox 8 but it’s the closest we’ll ever get, they have tried shows on GO before that moved to Foxtel so it might not work again.

  3. There really are only two options for 7 or 10 for a fourth channel.

    Music during the day, and prime time HD movie channel at night.
    24hr News channel, using a US cable model like CNN or Al Jazeera, live news, plus magazine current affair shows.

    With Scripps Food Network backing SBS, others would be strapped for 24hrs content for their own channel.
    FTA is already saturated with lifestyle shows, as 7TWO was originally themed as, now 9Life.
    Sports failed on ONE, as NewsCorp wants the premium subs to Foxtel.

    Oh, and hey, here’s an idea… more local content! Stop buying years old garbage!

    • Scripps have plenty of lifestyle content that remains without a major legal Australian outlet. 7Two used to screen a lot of ITV source food programming that they don’t any more.

  4. So Lifestyle content is cheap, delivers good ratings and skews younger. And you expect commercial TV networks to show something else?

    There is a narrowing range of stuff that people will watch on main channels and limited cheap content for secondary channels that won’t canabalise the main channel. Seven already has a lot of lifestyle stuff on 72, around its primetime murder mysteries, just not cooking shows.

    There’s still plenty of other stuff on FTA, and if you want more Pay TV and

  5. I’d love to see what all the fuss is about, but those of us who have to use the VAST sat system do not appear to have access to these channels. I have rescanned numerous times, but nothing. What is more frustrating is that I am only 3 hours outside Sydney, but due to a quirk in geography can not get the local digi channels. I have asked SBS if the VAST system will get SBS food, and no response, and I can not find a working contact email for the mysat system who administer VAST registration. Looks like I will be forced to live vicariously through others. Catch up viewing not an option due to being on Sat internet.

  6. The curiosity factor in the “silly season”. 9Life and SBS Food Network would be stealing viewers from Foxtel rather than FTA. Seven would have known about these new channels before we did and made plans accordingly. The same amount of ad money spread more thinly over more channels?

  7. Still say Ten is best placed for a Police/Action show only station. Shows like NCIS, Blue Bloods, Hawaii 5 -O, Rush, etc. They could include movies n factual shows like 24. Don’t add another food n lifestyle Channel as the audience is narrow. Offer a real alternative but stick to a theme.

  8. Why do 7 and 9 have a constant need to copy each other. So 9 brought out life and now 7 is possibly considering something similar? So much for choice. How about both 7 and 9 fix up their poor treatment of drama viewers?

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