Vale: Robyn Sinclair


Writer, producer and former Nine Network drama executive Robyn Sinclair, best known for producing A Country Practice, has died.

She passed away last weekend at her home in Tuscany after battling serious illness for several years. Partner Graeme Koetsveld says she passed peacefully in her sleep on Saturday evening, her daughter Helen (Woody) and grandson Hugo were able to make the journey to be with her for her last days.

Sinclair was executive producer on A Country Practice in 1994 and also produced The Alice, Murder Call, Halifax FP, having written for all 3 shows. Other writing credits included Sweat, GP and Snowy.

Whilst being Drama exec at Nine during the late 1990s and early 2000s she oversaw McLeod’s Daughters, Water Rats and Young Lions.

Peter Gawler told the Australian Writers Guild she was a generous and passionate person who encouraged, supported and inspired many writers, and “a damn fine writer herself.”

Source: AWG, MakingaMark
Photo: Ronelle van Wyck

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