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Next month ABC airs 2015 UK drama series, Cuffs, which depicts the personal lives of front-line police in Brighton, UK.

The series, starring Peter Sullivan and Amanda Abbington, was cancelled after one season -a move that was criticised by actors and ignited a viewer petition.

Actress Eleanor Matsuura said this week, “People don’t give shows a chance these days to really find their stride, to find their audience and things are very results-oriented and it’s very hard to be creative and to find your feet as a show. I think people are a lot more cutthroat these days. I thought we were really getting into our stride and finding our audience. We think it was a premature decision. But unfortunately it was pulled.”

A fresh, authentic and contemporary cop show, Cuffs shines a spotlight on a team of frontline police officers as they strive to protect the vulnerable, keep the streets safe and solve crimes in the vibrant seaside city of Brighton.

Full of humour and humanity, this fast-paced drama portrays the everyday rollercoaster of being a police officer in the UK.

And it’s a job where work-based pressures don’t end at the station door…

In the first episode, rookie cop Jake Vickers is partnered up with formidable tutor constable PC Ryan Draper. From assisting a suicidal mental health patient to arresting an outrageous shoplifter, Jake’s first shift is certainly challenging. But being the Chief Super’s son, Jake’s biggest challenge might just be earning the respect of his new colleagues. Elsewhere, a ram-raid by a dangerous gang instigates a high-speed car chase through the city. And when a notorious criminal is released from prison he leaves a devastating trail in his wake.

8:30pm Saturday February 13 on ABC.


  1. LOL we were about to order the DVD when the ‘news flash’ arrived about the series being cancelled, our friends in the UK are none to pleased. We pulled the pin, doubt we’ll watch it on Aunty given their penchant of chattering over the credits

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