Christopher Pyne lands SKY News show


Liberal minister Christopher “The Fixer” Pyne is set for his own TV show on SKY News alongside Labor frontbencher Richard Marles, Pyne & Marles.

SKY News boss Angelos Frangopoulos told News Corp the pair will have total control over what’s included in the show.

“It’s their program and their call on the discussions that they see shaping the national debate,” he said.

He confirmed neither was being paid for their contributions to the program.

It was with SKY News’ David Speers that Pyne gave birth to “The Fixer” name thanks to his interview answers.

Christopher Pyne, Federal Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science and Leader of the House said: “With this new program Richard and I hope to go into the important issues in depth and communicate to the public our policy positions and the reasons for them. It is also an opportunity to involve the public in the governing process in a way they have not been engaged before.”

Richard Marles, Shadow Minister for Immigration and Border Protection said: “This program’s ground breaking format will be what live TV is all about – no rules, no scripts and hopefully a few laughs while we drill through the week that was.”

Angelos Frangopoulos, Chief Executive Officer, Australian News Channel said: “This new program is an innovative way of looking at the big issues of the week, through the eyes of two senior politicians. It’s their program and their call on the discussions that they see shaping the national debate. It’s one of many initiatives we’ll be announcing as part of our election year programming.”

Pyne & Marles will premiere Saturday February 6 at 8.30am on SKY News.


  1. Um .. this guy is a government minister. He’s already got a more than full-time job, and should be concentrating on that. Not spending countless hours on a television program.

  2. Surprise suprise the right wing propaganda Channel of the liberal party is employing another liberal party ticket holder to its lineup gee why stop there why not give a show to every front bencher of the liberal party .and you wonder why everyone considers sky news the Fox News channel of Australia .id rather watch paint dry than be brainwashed by that garbage on sky news.

  3. In our more enlightened times, one might ask why we have another show hosted by another white male? Surely we could have a show hosted by female faces, and view the week’s events from an oft not witnessed view.

  4. An interesting format idea! Looks like it is quietly replacing Saturday Agenda, which was airing in that Saturday timeslot, since its host David Lipson defected to the ABC.

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