Rumour: TEN to expand live streaming?

TV Tonight
hears whispers TEN is to expand its Live streaming with a block of weekday programming on tenplay from tomorrow.

It is rumoured to be an afternoon block from 4:30pm – 7:30pm including The Bold and the Beautiful, TEN Eyewitness News (already streaming), Family Feud and The Project
(already streaming).

They will join already-streaming Studio 10 at 8:30am.

From January 31 it is expected to add I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here!

The Live streaming is tipped to be available in local TEN markets and geoblocked elsewhere.

Until now TEN has held off full Live streaming of its suite of channels, with CEO Paul Anderson late last year indicating it had the ability to stream all 3 channels but current audiences were still small by proportion.

“For 24 / 7 streaming and (with) the constraints around bandwidth and people’s data plans, until consumers are there and the viewers actually want it, that’s when we will do it. So we are just taking a pragmatic approach,” he said.

Update: A TEN spokesperson has now confirmed the above. I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here Now! will also be included.


  1. If I recall Feud was live streaming briefly when it launched in 2014. During commercials a static image was presented IIRC. The break wasn’t always perfect you might get the first 5 seconds of the ad break.

  2. Kinda of need a working app first. Your windows phone tenplay app has not worked for over 3 months. Same issue always asks for an internet connection when you open despite there already being a working internet connection. Your i.t. department needs to actually spend some time reading app reviews on your apps because I’m not the only one that has the issue there are multiple others.

  3. So they’re really only extending it by half an hour to include B&B, potentially until Celeb starts?

    Fued often continues after the News, but generally cuts off from the stream shortly afterwards (I’ve always assumed to account for overrun) but I’ve never seen it in the in live stream list?

    As mentioned below, the only benefit of streaming Celeb would be for those outside AEDT to watch it live, I really doubt it would pick up that many additional viewers.

    • I keep the app open (Tenplay site if watching via that) once the news bulletin finishes and the stream continues playing, only cutting off 2 mins after The Project finishes. For a while it actually continued all the way through Masterchef episodes.

  4. Why geoblock? In this day and age, with social media so prevalent, live streaming of reality programs, regardless of a viewers location, would be a massive positive.

    I hope this doesn’t mean Ten are going to revert to geoblocking the 5pm news. Having the ability to watch the Sydney news bulletin is the best aspect of Tenplay.

    • Nothing a VPN won’t fix. I’ve been enjoying both ABC and Seven’s live streams from New Zealand without issues. My VPN nodes are in Sydney and Melbourne, ensuring I can see the event on first broadcast.

      • I tried accessing the news bulletin via VPN back when it was location geoblocked with no success. If I’m a Celeb is geoblocked I will try again.

  5. Before they expand their streaming they really ought to bed down their streaming of the 5pm news because I’ve had no end of trouble with it lately. It seems impossible to stream the news to an iOS device with the TenPlay app and you often have to hunt around the app looking for the news link for your particular city. Really unfriendly user experience. I’ve been forced to use the web site on my computer.

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