David Duchovny: “We should be paid the same”


It was recently reported that Gillian Anderson was not offered the same salary as David Duchovny to return to The X-Files.

Duchovny (who presumably accepted the higher fee) has now weighed in.

“I’ve done everything I can to help that whenever I could,” Duchovny told The Guardian.

“I think we should be paid the same to do The X-Files.”

“You can ask Gillian. She knows that I have always wanted us to be paid the same, for as long as I’ve known there was a discrepancy. Hollywood payment is not fair, and it doesn’t always parcel on gender lines or race lines, or anything like that.”

Salary imbalances based on gender is the latest issue to swamp Hollywood following a lack of diversity on screen and fewer production roles going to females and minority groups.


  1. I think they should get paid the same, without either of them the show would not be the same. Same goes the the main leads in any TV show or movie if they have equal billing. Just look at Friends back in the day, they stuck together so all 6 got the same pay regardless of gender or other work they had done. Shows like this they need to take in to account their net worth on this show and nothing else. This is what annoys me about The Big Bang Theory, 3 of the leads getting paid much more than the others.

  2. They get paid what they are worth. Nothing to do with gender. Duchovny is a bigger star in my opinion because he has done more stuff since the X-Files …. Californication. Aquarius. Gillian Anderson has done a Johnny English movie. Conversely i would expect Jennifer Aniston to be the most highly sought after and paid Friend because she has done the most since she left friends as opposed to David Schimmer who’s claim to fame since has been playing a cartoon giraffe.

    • I really think you should familiarise yourself with Ms. Anderson’s formidable work. The Fall, Bleak House, Great Expectations, War & Peace. Duchovny was great in Californication, but Aquarius has flopped. X-Files return strikes me as him needing the hit, not her.

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