Gilmore Girls cast reunite


Former cast members of Gilmore Girls were back together for the upcoming telemovies coming to Netflix.

But there was no sign of Melissa McCarthy, who says she is yet to be invited to appear.

As yet there is no release date for the new movies.

Source: Hollywood Reporter



  1. Netflix usually releases shows as a complete season but being 4x TV movies it’s any ones guess how they plan on doing it.

    As for McCarthy I doubt the show would become about her and still hope as ASP has indicated that they can work things out for Sookie to at least do an appearance on one episode.

  2. Sherman-Palladino originally said McCarthy would be too busy to appear. McCarthy posted that she hadn’t even been asked. Sherman-Palladino replied that she would be happy with McCarthy appearing as guest star in an episode, or even just a small cameo, what-ever would fit into McCarthy’s busy schedule.

    Now that McCarthy is a big name Hollywood movie star, once she is attached the press, scheduling and budget would become all about her.

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