Habibs, Wanted dip on second outings

Ratings: Curiosity over for some, but new scripted titles are still drawing good audiences.


The curiosity was over for some viewers for new shows Here Come the Habibs! and Wanted, both dipping in their second weeks on air.

The Habibs drew 944,000, down by 305,000 on its premiere while Wanted‘s 922,000 was down by 262,000. Both were still good audiences for post 8:45pm.

Having a dip in their second week is nothing new in television and each was still a top 10 entry for the night. Networks will be looking to their timeshifted numbers (both adding around 20% of their audience) and new video play ratings.

Seven network won Tuesday with a 33.3% share then Nine 26.5%, TEN 19.2%, ABC 15.5% and SBS 5.4%.

My Kitchen Rules (1.56m) was best for Seven then Seven News (1.09m / 1.01m), Wanted (922,000), Home and Away (860,000) and The Chase (636,000 / 390,000). Bones was 300,000.

Nine News was best for Nine at 1.03m / 1.01m then A Current Affair (951,000), The Big Bang Theory (944,000 / 915,000), Here Come the Habibs! (944,000), Hot Seat (557,000) and Lip Sync Battle (542,000).

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! led for TEN on 648,000. The Project was 576,000 / 415,000, NCIS was 571,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 484,000 and NCIS: LA was 436,000.

ABC News (827,000), 7:30 (639,000), Catalyst (609,000), Countdown to Life: The Extraordinary Making of You (377,000) and Fake or Fortune (269,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Secrets of the Scottish Manor Houses (228,000), Insight (163,000), Dateline (127,000) and SBS World News (116,000).

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom was best on multichannels with 226,000.

The Morning Show: 136,000 / 102,000
Today Extra: 116,000 / 92,000
Studio 10: 82,000 / 51,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 16 February 2016


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  1. In all the years I’ve read about the ratings nothing much usually changes, the evening news grabs the audience and if the show that follows is moderately interesting the channel stays where it is until bedtime.

  2. I can go on.
    Who clears the table once everyone has finished?
    Why does every team have the same ice cream machine?
    Why is the female villain always sat on the immediate left of Pete Evans?
    Who cleans up afterwards?
    Why no offers of coffee or tea to finish, why does everyone leave at the same time?
    Nothing like a dinner party at my house

  3. Not sure if this is the best place to put this, but-
    On MKR., who cleans up the kitchen between courses?
    How much is the budget for the food, decorating and kitchen equipment they need?
    Who pays for the crockery and fancy table wares, additional seating and tables?
    They surely submit their recipes well in advance- the producers seem to ensure that Alaskan puffin hearts are readily available at Coles (but not lighter fluid)
    I’d love to have an ACA “expose” on how this all works. And it is certainly a work.

  4. David, I think the rating labelled ‘Mornings’ should be ‘The Morning Show’. TMS is Channel Seven’s with Larry and Kylie, Mornings is Sonia & David which is now Today Extra which is labelled underneath.

  5. There were also more than half a million extra viewers who watched the repeats of Wanted so that’s lot of people deciding 1 ep was enough. Wanted is a plotless mess with uninteresting characters and no drama.

    Don’t worry it was in the SMH so nobody in the West will have seen it followed by it looks even worse in Arabic were amusing. And the relatives being like Zombies. But not enough for me to come back.

  6. I watched MKR and kept it on when Wanted came on, within 2 minutes I flicked it off, it really is the biggest steaming pile of poo so far this year, if it didnt have the MKR lead in, it would probably have 300k less watching it.

    As for the Habibs it is a shame it has been promoted as a comedy, I think it has more appeal as a dramedy and could have been promoted as such, also if 9 were smart I probably would have tried to have it start when MKR finished, it might see more eyes that way too….

    Great numbers for Home and Away too, but I think after Brax leaves and the Charlotte murder is solved it will sink back to where it is, the inclusion of another displaced teen in Skye is exactly where the show has been going wrong in the last couple of years. Though with Morag returning and the introduction of an actual family unit coming up, it just may be a better year, in saying that there…

  7. I don’t know what parallel universe you have to live in to find Here Come The Habibs funny. Was there a joke somewhere that I managed to miss?

    It suffers from the same problems that all Jungle productions (Moodys, Elegant Gentlemen’s Guide) have – there is just a bunch of setups that don’t go anywhere. For example, all the relatives turn up when they find out the family won Lotto. Then what happens? Nothing. The setup is also the punchline. A decent comedy would develop that setup into something intricate and funny. Instead, HCTH just goes around and around in circles, chasing its own tail.

    OK, now onto Wanted. I thought Hiding set a new low for Oz drama. And then along came Wanted. Seriously, how does Rebecca Gibney keep getting cast in TV shows? There are barnacle-encrusted lumps of driftwood floating off Bondi Beach with more acting range than she has.

    1. We’re all entitled to an opinion. We should also be aware that comedy is subjective – drama too, for that matter. Just because you or I dislike (or like) a program does not mean that others will agree. I must admit to getting annoyed when people say because I don’t like something, others who like it must be wrong.

      1. Sure, whether something is enjoyable (or funny) or not is subjective. However, whether a script lacks direction or has clunky dialogue or clichéd characters, or an actor/actress is actually not that good, that is much less subjective.

        1. A post-mortem of a show’s faults is just as subjective as one’s opinion of the entire show. Few viewers go into a show with an open mind, that’s how the “star” system works. By “star” I mean writer, actor, director, producer etc. who all influence our overall perspective of a show.

    2. Harsh – very harsh! Poor Rebecca!
      But have to agree about her acting range – perhaps it is also partly due to some of the weak scripts she’s taken on. Liked her in Rafters but not much else she’s been in.
      Yes, both Habibs and Wanted are pretty lame – a shame as I like to support local drama and look forward to new productions in the hope they will be quality viewing.
      Sadly, I am more often than not, extremely disappointed.

      1. Well, not much risk if you know what you’re talking about. You yourself agreed that Habibs would likely get “a little under a million” for the second ep.

        If forced to pick an actual number, I would’ve said ~970k, so it’s down a little on that but not embarrassingly so. I’m guessing that the late start won’t have helped.

        1. Promoted as 8.30 Tuesday to no end then doesn’t start until 8.45 – how hard is it to promote 8.45?

          You’d have people tuning in at 8.30 seeing a repeat Big Bang and turning off rather than waiting another 15 minutes…

          1. Channel 9 was running late from A Current Affair which for some reason didn’t finish until 7:40. New Big Bang which was advertised for 7:30 started close to 15 mins late. Even on my EPG I’m sure it was listed to start at 7:32. How is this acceptable?

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