Local content points system tipped in regional TV


A new local content point system for regional broadcasters could be part of media reforms, to ensure local news remains a priority.

The proposal, reported by the Australian Financial Review, is said to be part of Communication Minister Mitch Fifield’s plan to appease National Party politicians.

It reports regional television operators would be required to produce 900 points of local content every six weeks, equating to about 30 minutes a day.

Because of concerns that regional television already centralises supposed “regional” coverage in one centre, and provides so-called rip and read coverage of press releases, there would be different points weightings for different forms of news, with locally produced television vision gaining three points compared to one point for reading out a rip and read press release.

Regional television operators are hoping it would only affect incoming owners.

The proposal would be part of wider reforms dropping the reach rule and the two-out-of-three rule.


  1. We either have regional TV or we don’t. As it is most regional stations relay metro programs with local adverts. If regional operators don’t wish to provide local content then may as well allow metro operators to buy them out. I live in regional Australia now and l see no local sporting coverage and little local news. I feel l am watching metro Tv . Maybe we need community TV in these areas instead?

    • i would say that I heartily endorse the fact that we need community TV, just like Community Radio is the fastest growing sector in radio. Community TV covers local issues, and produced with passion for the community.
      Maybe this is a good point …..where there is no “local” content apart from news, the government allows community TV…..problem is the spectrum bandwidth.

    • Why community TV?
      Anybody can buy a camera with large memory for a couple of hundred dollars and post footage to a youTube channel. The hard thing is getting anybody to watch it.

    • Most regional areas get more local TV than people in the major cities do. When the V8’s are at Winton, or Bathurst or wherever, it’s a national sporting event. The same is true of all the footy and cricket played in the major capitals. It’s not particularly local content for anyone.

      TV drama and comedy does tend to favour Melbourne and Sydney settings over others, but the other capitals are as hard done by (on a per-capita basis) as the regional centres. And let us not forget that Summer Bay is in regional NSW 🙂

      Most TV content broadcast in Australia is national or international in focus.

  2. What are the chances it’ll end up defining “local content” as “content produced either in a regional area or a capital city, by either a regional or a capital city broadcaster or network”.

    Y’know, like the way that Motorway Patrol and other NZ shows are counted as Australian content…

    • To a large extent it doesn’t matter where the studio is. As long as local stories are being covered, and there are professionals with cameras where the action is.

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