No 7flix for Prime, new channels “soon” for WIN.

WIN HD and Life on the way for WIN, but Prime viewers will be waiting some time for 7flix.


A bit of an update for regional viewers awaiting confirmation of new channels.

WIN now has a “Coming Soon” image on Channels 85 and 86 which indicate WIN HD and 9Life are on the way. It’s unclear how long this will take, but this week Nine also confirmed NBN would be getting both 9HD and Life in “coming months.”

Meanwhile PRIME has advised it currently has no commercial arrangements in place with Seven for 7FLIX.

“The addition of any new channel is technically challenging, takes time and requires substantial capital investment. From a broadcast engineering perspective, regional broadcasters are far more complex businesses than metro operations, covering larger geographic areas with multiple signals that service a large number of local areas across regional Australia,” it told viewers via Facebook.

“We will certainly update viewers if and when this new service becomes available in regional areas.”

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  1. I guess when The Amazing Race & Greys starts on 7flix after Feb 28th, viewers in the Newcastle area like me can bombard Prime7 with complaints re a start date. Anybody have any further news or is Prime7 crying poor ??

  2. Interesting that it says NBN is getting 9HD for Northern NSW. Surely it wouldn’t be 9HD (from TCN Sydney) and that it’d be NBN HD (a HD simulcast for each market within NBN’s viewing area)?

  3. Bad news. WIN’s new channels are in the dreaded MPEG-4 format meaning we – and countless other viewers – cannot receive them. I have just checked, and not one of the five TVs in our house can pick them up. Why are TV stations persisting with this MPEG-4 crap when so many people are effectively locked out of it?

  4. Why “The addition of any new channel is technically challenging” for Prime?
    Here in Lithgow, NSW Prime7 Orange is broadcasted on: RF Parameter [CH 30] 543.50 MHz and there are 3 same Prime 7 in SD ( Ch Name 60, 61 and 62 PRIME 7 ORANGE). Same chennel 3 times taking the bandwidth. Does’t have any sence, why not swap one for 7flix?

    1. As has been mentioned many many many times, its the same stream repeated on 3 separate logical channel numbers. Its not 3 of the same channel taking up bandwidth – its one stream that can be found on 3 separate numbers

  5. Its great to see Win television taking the lead in this for its regional viewers ..i sampled 9life in Brisbane its a great channel .i just don’t see how pay tv can survive with all these new FTA digital channels .love the new food network channel on SBS too.

    1. It will survive because enough people are prepared to pay for exclusive, high definition, commercial free content that means foxtel is quite a profitable business while not being all things to all people. Things may change in the future but foxtel has both AFL and NRL for the next 5 years at least and isn’t going anywhere at this stage.

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