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TEN appears to be close to switching its primary channel to High Definition with some readers advising of Smart TV messages advising of a new channel: TEN HD on Channel 13.

So far a message advises “No Service.”

TV Tonight understands there have been a lot of hardware changes at TEN’s Ultimo base, swapping the graphics engines between ONE & TEN, as well as encoders and affiliate feed.

A spokesperson recently advised TEN constantly look at all spectrum options.

Nine switched to HD late last year while ABC confirmed it will switch its primary channel to HD mid-year.


  1. I wonder if converting to HD for any owner sees a difference in audience numbers? I suspect it makes no difference. I rather better content than old n repeated HD programming. GEM use to air old black n white movies in HD for goodness sake.

    • Well to be fair, old movies on blu-ray look amazing.
      The resolution you can get from digitally scanning old film can be above 4K.

      Newer films shot on digital will be a problem in the future as many are shot on 2K or even if they’re shot on 4K, they might be mastered at 2K.

      But older films, on film, don’t have that problem.
      If the films are shown in proper HD, then it looks great. The issue is when you get old films from the SD dvd scans on HD channels, those look lame.

  2. I was ready for Ten HD when it launched over 8 years ago. It’s even less exciting now that most of their content that I would like to see in HD have been shafted to Eleven.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      Same as with the analogue days, the networks each have one VHF channel which is 7MHz wide. There are physical limits on how much signal you can transmit within that for any given distance thru the atmosphere.

    • Apart from what SS said, the government might ‘allow’ more bandwidth when enough people have bought new TV’s capable of the newer DVB-T2 standard. Are you willing to stump up your own money to buy a new set now & help that happen faster?

    • The problem is, if they get more bandwidth then they might be tempted just to use it on another shopping channel.
      Remove those and they could scrounge up some bandwidth.

  3. barrington bumbaclaart

    They’ve been (somewhat) ready for a while. I heard that the original plan was to roll out HD for the Aria’s telecast but this was put on hold after a rival channel went HD around the same time. Ten didn’t want to be perceived as a follower or being reactive to a rival, so they put it on hold.

  4. Why wouldn’t they re-purpose one of the two simulcasts of One? (1 & 12) Having your flagship channel on 13 would be very odd. For that matter, they could easily enough convert 10 to HD, axe 12 and put a simulcast SD copy of 10 on 12. Depending on bandwidth requirements they may also have to convert 1 to SD, as I doubt they’d have enough for 2 HD streams, even if they are MPG4.

    Be a shame to lose things like the Nascars and Big Bash in HD. I’m assuming 7 will do what 9 did soon too, making 70 the HD version of 7. It’s just like 2006 all over again 🙂

    • Those aren’t One simulcasts. They are just different channel numbers that map to the same channel. One will become SD, as the post said, Ten are moving some of One’s HD hardware to use it for Ten HD.

      Nine has 9/91 SD and 90 HD. Ten would be worried about switching 10 because a lot of people who can’t get the MPEG4 HD channel would be using it.

  5. Will Ch10 & the ABC still transmit their current channels when they start their new HD Channels, because our 2 TV sets are unable to get the new CH 9 HD channel ( only the audio but no picture)

  6. Finally!

    TenHD on Channel 13 seems weird though. I guess they are nervous to move Ten SD off Channel 10 and put Ten HD on Channel 10. That may happen in the future I guess.

    Any word on affiliates? Or is this just Ten owned & operated stations?

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