Returning: The Footy Show (NRL)

Nine returns The NRL Footy Show on a Wednesday in Sydney & Brisbane, a timeslot likely to be its new home.


It appears that Nine has made up its mind over the dilemma about whether to move the NRL Footy Show to Wednesdays, or screen it following Thursday night matches.

It returns at 8:30pm Wednesday March 2nd in Sydney and Brisbane markets, replacing The Embassy (the latter still airs in other markets).

Whether it remains permanently on Wednesdays is unclear, but Programming Director Andrew Backwell recently told TV Tonight, the network had two options.

The AFL Footy Show will continue on Thursdays but there are about 18 NRL games on Thursdays. So we have 2 choices: we either move The Footy Show (NRL) to Wednesday or we play it on the back of the NRL. I’m not in a position now to confirm which one we will go with,” he said.

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  1. This will be the last year of the NRL show if ratings are any guide for the last few years.With no AFL Footy Show giving support can’t see it doing that well

  2. Ch9 have 2 additional channels this year and they still have scheduling problems? Execs, have a seance and ask KP what to do and if it goes wrong you’re all in the clear!

  3. I hope it remains on Wednesday nights, as I hope this means that the AFL Footy Show can start before midnight in Sydney. If the NRL version is on, then I wont be able to watch the AFL version as its on too late.

  4. Yet the Melbourne market where there is a team a largely ignored and the NRL is in SD on GEM. SA market where there is great interest in rugby league has no coverage at all. Nine has no interest in NRL and use it for just promoting other stuff

    1. ‘SA Market where there is great interest in rugby league has no coverage at all’
      A lot of SA people keep on whining why Nine continue to show it in blurry SD during midnight. This is pure nonsense.

    1. On some level, though, you have to admire it’s honesty. You see the ads, you know what you’re going to get, you watch the show, and you’re neither surprised nor disappointed.

      Unlike, say, The Habibs, which 9 made look cringeworthy, or Downton, which 7 makes look fast-paced and exciting, when you see the ads for The [NRL] Footy Show you know exactly what you’re getting…

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