Seven wins with MKR & Molly while Nine struggles on Sunday.

Ratings: While MKR wins with 1.68m viewers, ABC's Doc Martin outranks anything on Nine or TEN all night.


Sunday was such a great night for Seven that it’s difficult to find much good news for the competition.

My Kitchen Rules topped the night with 1.68m viewers -a lift of 208,000 viewers on last week. Molly also won its timeslot with 1.53m viewers, a drop of 262,000 viewers from Part I.

I’m A Celebrity managed a slight increase, up to 706,000 for its elimination but Australia’s Got Talent slid backwards to 688,000 -down 196,000. That also hurt 60 Minutes which has having a glum start to the year, not helped by its messy starting time of 8:15pm. It was just 637,000 viewers.

Seven network drew a 38.4% share then Nine 21.7%, ABC 17.2%, TEN 15.6% and SBS 7.1%.

Also scoring for Seven was Seven News (1.01m) while a Wanted replay drew 427,000 viewers.

Nine News (950,000) was best for Nine. Australia’s Got Talent was 688,000 and 60 Minutes was 637,000. Movie: Salt was just 255,000.

ABC’s Doc Martin outranked anything Nine or TEN screened all night with 1.03m viewers. ABC News (857,000) and Vera (713,000) followed.

TEN divided I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here into two figures (706,000 for the elimination and 634,000 for the bulk of the show). Modern Family was 589,000, The X-Files was 549,000 and TEN Eyewitness News was 397,000. Limitless was just 201,000.

On SBS it was Great Wall of China: The Hidden Story (237,000), Planes That Changed the World (233,000), Movie: Monty Python’s Life of Brian (199,000) and SBS World News (165,000).

7TWO’s Escape to the Country was best on multichannels at 165,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 14 February 2016.

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  1. Although the second one wasn’t as good as the first one, I still enjoyed it. I was hoping that they would touch on the time Molly worked at Abbey Road Studios in the late 60’s and some of the other stuff he did after Countdown, but it was good.

  2. I was looking forward to some back-stage insight into the on air frustration Molly used to show on Hey Hey, with those constant interruptions destroying his presentations. Over 700,000 people are watching I’m a Celebrity???

  3. The “Molly” series was viewed by him and told what he wanted and didn’t want to be in this series, so this would have a lot of bearing on what was and wasn’t shown, its a shame that so much was left out, but at least he was consulted in the making of this instead of some series being just speculation.

  4. The Molly mini-series really could have really used a graphic timeline for time to time for viewers to work out when some event were from. A couple of times last night I was going “that events doesn’t quite match up to that exact time.”

    1. Agreed; and they did take some license with references and songs not quite matching up to the actual timeline. Although the musical clearances would have been a nightmare, but as others have said it did seem to chronicle Countdown’s history, so it needed to be more faithful and not fudge the material. Also the clothes were at times anachronistic further confusing the timeline. But once he donned the hat, it felt more like I was watching the real Molly; and i thought Sam did a better job in part 2.

    2. Major issues with events and times not matching up – for example – discussing the up and coming Live Aid concerts at Melbourne Cup 1985 – held in November. Live aid was in the middle of 1985 many months before the 1985 Melbourne cup.

      Also a hand held mobile phone in 1985? Has to be a few years too early, same with the mobile car phone costing $5,000 – 1981 too early for them too.

    3. One I noticed was Shirl leaving Skyhooks (1978) coinciding with KISS touring Australia for the first time (1980). By 1980 Tony Williams was the lead singer of Skyhooks and they were about to break up

  5. I too thought Molly was very average last night, it was a countdown miniseries and not Molly, made no mention of his time on Hey Hey and anything after… Could have been a whole lot more, but alas wasnt….

  6. Next Sunday will level out the playing field after 8.30pm with Seven lazily throwing together some sort of clip show for Molly. Nine are not even trying on Sunday nights after Sixty Minutes at the moment and next week another lazy clip show from the Noughties does not feel like prime Sunday night programming either.

  7. Didn’t enjoy the second part of Molly nearly as much as the first. The storyline jumped around a lot and the ending seemed extremely rushed. His engagement in Egypt wasn’t explained at all (did they even get married?). Did he ever reconcile with caroline? Why show the ladder fall if they’re not showing any of that part of his life?!

    1. Agreed. I loved last week but this almost seemed more like a story of Michael Gudinski.
      Seemed a bit silly to me having Hamish and Andy, Mick Molloy and the other HYBPA panellists popping up in ‘roles’. Did get emotional however at the appearance of The man himself at the end.

        1. The miniseries was based on Molly’s biography co-written with Jeff Jenkins. The books ends with the announcement that Molly was joining the Hey Hey team, so it didn’t cover Hey Hey, Sunrise, House Of Hits (anyone remember that show?) or the Molly Meldrum Roast. Molly started the book in 1979, so expect part 2 covering everything post Countdown Revolution to be released in 2030 with the miniseries in 2032!

    2. I thought the first part of Molly set up the series beautifully but the 2nd part went nowhere. Just more of the same but without any cohesion. So much was left up in the air & so much was left out. Very poor overall.

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