1. Maev....Sydney

    Did Habibs start on time this week….I did not even bother checking…may catch it in a repeat…
    I just watched the SBS Scottish Manor House on catchup…really excellent episode about Rosslyn…that appeared in the Da Vinci Code….I did not read the books or see the movies…

  2. Interesting to note that last week and this week Here Come The Habibs had the same rating as The Big Bang Theory new episode, meaning of course both dipped by the same amount. Also in both weeks Here Come The Habibs gained on the repeat The Big Bang Theory, up 74,000 this week and 29,000 last week , given that HCTH is keeping toe to toe with TBBT and gaining on the repeat must make Nine very happy.

        • Both Wanted and The Habibs has settled at around 900k, which is fairly good these days. Of course with the original airings, repeats and catch-ups they had nearly 2m equivalent viewings of the premieres to find 900k people who watch it on Tuesday nights.

          Those who have, don’t mind the fact that Wanted is an endless series of ridiculous escapes with no story, drama or interesting characters or dialogue or that the Habibs has very little that is actually funny in it. Most of them will stay to the end, especially for short run series. Will they come back for the 2nd series is something that will keep Programmers up at night.

  3. I’m really enjoying The Wanted – was great to see the fantastic Robyn Malcolm feature last night too (Outrageous Fortune) – I wish the series was longer – apparently only 2 more episodes to go.
    Here Come The Hibibs gets better & better as it goes along – I was in stitches last night.

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