Airdate: Comedy Showroom

Six new comedies all vying for your vote to become a fully-fledged ABC series.


Australia, your comedies are ready.

ABC will soon be asking you to respond to six new comedies as part of its ambitious Comedy Showroom project.

Available from late April, at least one of the six projects is poised to become a full ABC series.

Comedy Showroom begins 9pm Wednesday 27th April but all 6 pilots will be available to watch on ABC iview straight after the launch.

iview will also be where viewers are asked to provide feedback by answering a few questions or just by telling ABC what they do and don’t like.


No other network nurtures and supports Australian comedy like ABC TV.

So which pilots will our audience gravitate to? Which will they laugh at most? And which will they blast with criticism or want to see more of?

Will it be Ronny Chieng sharing his experiences as an International Student; Eddie Perfect’s absurd suburban life in The Future Is Expensive; The Katering Show’s Kate McLennan hitting rock bottom in life and love in her and Kate McCartney’s Bleak; Lawrence Mooney discovering what it takes for a 40-something-year-old man to finally grow up in Moonman; the desperate attempts of a deadbeat weed dealer to win his new neighbour’s affections in hot WA comedy team Mad Kids’ The Legend of Gavin Tanner; or Alison Bell’s struggles as a new mum in an oddball mothers’ group in The Letdown (produced by The Chaser’s Julian Morrow).


Ronny Chieng: International Student Wednesday April 27th at 9pm

The Letdown Wednesday May 4th at 9pm

The Legend of Gavin Tanner Wednesday May 11th at 9pm


The Future is Expensive Wednesday May 18th at 9pm

Bleak Wednesday May 25th at 9pm

Moonman  Wednesday June 1st at 9pm



A joint initiative with Screen Australia, made in association with Film Victoria, Screen NSW and ScreenWest. Executive Producer Head of Comedy Rick Kalowski.


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  1. All of them look quite interesting. I know that you shouldn’t judge books on covers (or in this case a brief description of a show) but you could probably make a case for all of the shows.

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